August 29, 2012

A County Fair and a Fancy Dinner

So basically, my husband dragged me up to Humboldt County to go to the fair. I wasn't too keen, but I did have some good memories about this fair, as it is in a stunningly beautiful location.
It was misty and grey, and very Humboldt county weather that day, which is kinda nice since most fairs are hot and the animals always look miserable, but not here.

I'll let the following animal photos speak for themselves. They were the stars of the fair I must say.

How funny are some of those goats! Many of them seemed to love to pose for me.

After spending the day at the fair, and roaming Ferndale, which I will do a post on tomorrow, we headed back to Eureka for dinner here. The picture above is another building made to look old, but was actually built after the main inn that we stayed in. This is where the restaurant is, and you can stay in the rooms above. I think if I find myself up there again, that is where I will stay, since the main inn is so noisy at night!
I had to show you their water goblet, because they pretty much ripped of the Cartier font!
We had the chef's tasting menu. This was an amuse bouche. I can't remember all the components but I know it had fresh crab.
Love this salad with the black berries. Everywhere in Humboldt county there are blackberries, so this was such a nice nod to the area's bounty.
This was really good! Wild mushrooms with grilled bread, and a pretty heavenly sauce.
Lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate. They poured pear vodka over it, for an extra treat.
This looks simple enough, but was very good rack of lamb with a kind of Mediterranean twist to it.
David had the cheese course with local Humboldt Cheeses from here.
I chose the pear crisp, which was more of a deconstructed crisp with creme anglaise
Then of course they have to give you one more thing with the check. This was a truffle infused with cayenne. I could not eat it, because it was too spicy for me. Pretty flowers though.

Tomorrow will be the last of our weekend getaway, I promise :) We went up north about four years ago, and it is fun to look back on my blog to see what has changed and what we did. If you want to see that post, it is archived in April 2008. In that post there is a picture of the very first Restoration Hardware. It is no longer there, as the style has changed so much, that it would never in a million years fit into that area. OK, I'll sign off for today.....

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  1. the fair looks very nice ... the goats seem to be smiling at you. but, your dinner looks the best, as always!