August 31, 2012

Retro Friday: Candid Shots

These two photos are some candid shots that my dad took, that I really love. I love them because I remember that day very clearly. It was a very hot summer summer day, and my dad was clearing out poison oak from our yard. I sat out there to keep him company, with I'm sure chatty little girl comments. The dress I'm wearing was my favorite little summer dress, and I remember wanting to wear it almost everyday! The hat was my dad's. I remember feeling quite special that he let me wear it, while I watched him toil away.
You can tell how hot it is with all that bright sun in the background! The area I grew up in was always beastly hot in the summer, like 112 degrees could be quite common for several days.
The one thing I remember about that day, is my dad sweetly asking me If I was his girl over and over again. Until I would giggle and say yes, yes I am your girl!

I meant to slip in another post on my trip yesterday, but I ended up doing a lot errands that took me away from home. I'll do the last one very soon, and until then, have a very nice labor day weekend. We plan on just hanging out at home, how about you?

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