August 11, 2012

Retro Friday on a Saturday!

Hey there, I was out of town yesterday, and didn't get to do my post, so it is one day late. I'm skipping ahead now to pictures of me when we moved out to our new house. These were of my brother's first communion. I would have to say I was either five and a half or maybe six? I think these pictures are funny of my stick legs. I was a very skinny little kid, and didn't want to eat much back then. Oh how I wish I was like that now. Anyway, I remember that little dress my mom made me, and often times when I come across vintage patterns from the sixties, I will see the ones my mom used for me. I would sit endlessly at her side and stare at the picture on the pattern cover, waiting patiently for the dress to be finished. This was one of those dresses. I loved this little blue dress, and for some reason I really remember those socks. I know, they are just plain light blue socks, but I remember they came in a package of three and some had a little boarder of flowers, and others were plain. I remember once I would not leave the house until my socks matched my dress. My mom was not pleased with me, as I twirled on that chair that is in the other photo from last Friday(The white one). I whined and cried until she found the socks that would go with my dress. It was always about color for me I suppose.

Don't you love how in the sixties, the hem line for little girls was so short?! You even see it on the pattern packages. I think it actually looks very cute, but for some reason, you don't see it these days. The look in girls dresses has changed so much hasn't it? Back to what is actually happening in these photos. Somewhere at my mom's house there are pictures of my first communion, but I personally don't have them, and for some reason, I have my brother's instead. I love how he is carrying his little bible so tight, with a big grin!
I love this picture with my dad. He looks all spiffy in his Sunday best, and check out his cool widows peak! I always thought he had the coolest hair line. He kept his hair like this for a long time, then in the early seventies, he let it grow and you couldn't tell he had this major widows peak anymore. Next week will be more of a beginning of most of my memories from moving out to the country and this house. I lived here until I moved away to go to college, so there are many, many memories.

Yesterday we went to the Napa Valley for a bit of wine tasting and eating. It was murderously hot, and I lost a lot of steam, as far as trying to take photos. I will try and upload the pictures I took with my phone, because my big hulking camera was just way too heavy to lug around yesterday. We has a good time and it is always to nice to go there in the summer time. The lighting is so gorgeous, even though you feel like you are melting into a puddle at the time.

I'll try and piece a post together tomorrow with those photos. I'm off to get something done today, instead of watching non stop Olympics!!


  1. I was a skinny kid who didn't want to eat...oh how I am making up for that now. My mom made all of my clothes too. My teachers would oh, and ah over my little dresses with matching jackets, while I wanted so badly to have a store bought dress.

  2. You know, I really didn't want the store bought dresses or clothing, until maybe middle school. Then in high school I loved making my own stuff again, but when was little I loved watching my mom sew and getting new dresses so much that I never really thought about store bought very much.

  3. Do you knit, Elizabeth? Maybe, one of these days, you could add a hand knit pair of socks with one of your dresses. I like the concept of the " little extra" to go with the dress. What do you think? Maybe instead of socks, you could crochet a little purse to go with the dress - that way there would be no concern of "fit" for the buyer.


  4. @ Carolina, I so wish I could knit, but it really intimidates me :( I should do a post on how the crochet class that Caitlin and I took back in June. I had a real hard time, but I did grasp the basics like single and double crochet. Although now as I type this, I think I have forgotten the double.
    Caitlin did much better than I did, and I'm hoping that she will get even more accomplished, so that she can re teach me!!!
    When I took the class, I had visions of crocheting little items to include in the shop. Maybe I will have Caitlin do it! I even bought this adorable book for baby crochet items!

    How long did it take you to get it well enough to start on an actual project?

  5. Honestly, Elizabeth, I must have been somewhat of a pest as a child because no one had the patience to teach me. I just figured it out on my own. All this just means that I have a long history of imperfect projects, some have turned out better than others. Since I taught myself to knit in a hodge podge fashion, I have recently picked up the book, Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman, it is a very good book to learn how to knit with. I have been re- learning in her style just to see where she differs from me. I realize that doing this will be an extra time project, but I can't come up with a better way to make real progress. Sometimes taking two steps backwards actually can catapult you forward. Take a peek at the book and let me know what you think, perhaps we could take it one step at a time together. Let me warn you, though, that the book is, photo-wise, very uninspiring, but her techniques have been proven over time by many. She is the real deal. The book might be a bit advanced if you really don't have a clue about knitting (you only told me about crocheting), it that is the case, if you can find a book by her that is for absolute beginners ... That way you won't pick up any bad habits that you will have to unlearn later. Just as a side note: my mother knit English style (pulling the yarn over with her right hand) and could really fly. I taught myself German style (with my left fore finger sticking up in the air), I don't "fly, but in Europe I saw all kinds of crafty people, ladies and guys, knitting on the trains German style. They never even looked at their knitting - it was like magic. I don't make magic, but I sure do enjoy it. I think you could really add an awesome dimension to your work, not to mention your skills. Carolina

    PS I think I, too, will from now on just answer everyone directly on the blog.