August 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

I saw this beautiful spider web, daintily blowing in the breeze and the spider looking like a tiny trapeze artist in its web. I love watching them do their little magic when they spin their webs.
They have been making their way into the house lately, and I saw this tiny acrobat had made quite a cool little web in my living room. It attached itself to the little Eiffel tower and book case that it sits on.

These two spiders have been more productive than I have been these past few days!


  1. Theres a spider outside my kitchen window that I can't bear to move. He's such a hard worker! :)

  2. You can't possibly have been less productive than me. Have hardly moved from the sofa but Team GB needs my support!

  3. I have always thought that msr. Eiffel must have studied spiders and their webs more than the rest of his contemporaries. Whenever I think of the "pieces of his that I know (the Eiffel tower, the train station in Budapest, the inside skeleton of our gift from France, the Statue of Liberty), I am reminded of spider webs. I am always blown away by how quickly spiders rebuild their webs after I have inadvertently destroyed them. I can go on a hike down a particular trail, break a web by getting caught in it, and an hour later on my return there is the new web, just waiting for a morsel to get caught in it. They must be thinking : "Oh great, here she comes again."
    I, too, love the way the spider webs glisten in the sun.


  4. just another reason why we are know i would have grabbed my camera too! i always stop to admire their work...and avoid wrecking it. (but i still get creeped out over spiders in general) :)
    hope your summer is going well. the girls and i just spent 5 days at the lake...and we'll be returning again for the weekend ahead. i feel a blog entry coming on!! xo