August 3, 2012

Retro Friday....Vintage toys

I know, we are nowhere near Christmas, but since I'm going down the time line, I thought I would put these in even though they are Christmas pictures. I love these for the peek at all the now vintage toys. Everything from my brother's GI Joe gift to my Skooter doll.....
and the cute Corning wear play dishes! Does anyone remember that bigger doll? Her name was Teachy Keen. You learned how to tie your shoes with her, and I think she even had a little watch on her wrist. If you go to the link for it, scroll all the way towards the bottom and you can see the ad.
This particular Christmas, I really have vivid memories of. I truly remember all the toys laid out, and the awe and amazement, that Santa had come! My dad made the little kitchen table with the plastic cooking utensils on it. At the time though, I thought Santa's elves had made it for me! The little fridge and stove were probably my very favorite toy though I must say. Endless hours of fun with it. I made many mud pies with that baby!

The one toy I didn't like, was the Skooter doll. I thought she was kind of ugly, and if you are too young to remember this doll, click on the link and see just how homely this poor little girl was. I remember when I was a bit older, I liked Skipper, and thought she was really cute, but wondered why I got the ugly friend instead. Looking at the boxes though in the photo, I think I did get the other version, come to think of it. I just know that I wasn't fond of Skooter, and didn't play with her much. At one point, by brother put weird glue in her hair, and she was even more tragic looking then.

Do you remember your favorite toys as a kid?

On another note, I went fabric shopping yesterday and picked up some more fall goodies. I'm finally starting to get inspired for the upcoming season. I think I might make one more summer thing though, that I think will be cute. Not sure yet, but stay tuned.

Happy weekend.


  1. I do remember the homely Scooter. Why Mattel? Why? I had a turquoise Easy Bake Oven that I loved, and just got rid of, (Much to Brewiers displeasure.) I all so had a vanity that I got when I was 5, outfitted with hair brushed, a mirror, powder, kids cologne, etc. I LOVED it and would sit and brush my hair forever, pretending to be a movie star.

  2. I remember those "vintage" toys very well. My most memorable dolls, other than the Madame Alexanders, was Chatty Cathy who continued to "chat" for a long time. Thanks for the memories.


  3. Great pictures, Elizabeth. I loved a doll Father Christmas brought me which had long, thick hair which could be brushed and styled into a bun. She was called 'Joyce' and I remember cutting her a wonky fringe! I also loved my typewriter.

  4. Fun piece! My brother put weird stuff in my dolls' hair too :) My grandmother used to give me a doll every Christmas. My favorite was Dancerina (sp?) - pink, plastic and battery operated (I think she took 4 D batteries) you could hold onto her pink plastic crown and she'd pirouette.

  5. haha these photos are awesome.

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  7. I remember the turquoise Easy Bake oven, just like Tricia.
    I wish I could have been there to watch my mother buying it for me knowing just how much I would love it. I do believe, though, that my father ate those disgusting strawberry flavored cakes I made for him only because he loved me.
    My favorite of your toys, Elizabeth, is the table your dad made for you. It is darling. do you still have it?


  8. I always wanted an easy bake oven, but never got one. I made due with my little metal stove and fridge, and make believe food :)

    Sadly I do not know what happened to that little table. The day I wrote the post, I was imagining my dad making this for me, and thought about how cute that must have been when he nailed the little plastic utensil holder on to it. About 10 min. after, my dad called me! We have this crazy connection with the phone. I can think about him for a while, and he usually calls within the day!
    I use to write long hand written letters to him when I was in college, and soon as I finished it, he would have called. Happens a lot with us.
    I'm sad that I don't have that little table though :(