September 2, 2012

Humboldt State University

Part of our trip up north always includes a trip down memory lane to visit our alma mater. We met at this university, married a couple of years later, and then I was pregnant the whole last year before I graduated in 1985. It really seems like an eternity ago that we lived up there. Our good college friends live there still, so it makes it fun to combine two visits.
One of two really cool old movie theaters in Arcata. Last visit in 2008, this one looked like it was shut down and neglected, which made me sad, as it was so neat inside and fun to go on a rainy day. When we drove by this time, it was completely overhauled and looking quite shinny and transformed.
This photo was taken with my iphone so it isn't too great. This entrance was not this fancy when we were going to school! I really like how it looks now.
This is heading up to the front of the school. Off to the left, but not visible, is a small house turned into offices. It use to house the financial aid office, where I worked for the whole time I went to school, under the work study program. Good times!
View of the library
This is the quad, with a new addition of a clock tower and elevator. I would have loved that elevator my last year there, when I was hugely pregnant with Nicole!
This is "Founders Hall." I believe it is the original building when the university was founded. It sits at the highest point of the campus, and if you had an eight o'clock class in this building, it was not a good thing!!

This is the view from Founders Hall. In the distance you can see Humboldt Bay.

I use to love these windows, and would sit in the hall while waiting for classes to start.

Courtyard of the hall.
Going back down to the other part of the campus and visiting the..........
art department, where I spent my whole time.

This was not there when I was going to school. I would have loved sitting here during a break!
Many hours in this room....Art history slide room, now I'm sure it is all digital.
Since I did most of my upper division units in Art history and museum studies, this is where I spent the other half of my time. Many fond memories of doing installations and gatherings here.
This department holds a special place in my heart as well, because the other work study job I had was in the costume shop. I learned so many interesting techniques while constructing all those costumes!
We were happy to see the library looking all spiffy with this new cafe in it. Last time we were there in 08 it was looking pretty shoddy. Now it looks fresh and new and boy would this have been nice to have back then!
I love the lushness of this campus. Being by the coast, helps this place constantly stay green and magical.
We saw evidence of fall embarking. I love my alma mater, and I'm so happy to find her this time with her sunday best on!!

Hope you liked my campus tour :)


  1. Aw, my parents had me in college too! It's so fun to have such a young mama!!!

  2. I wouldn't change a thing having Nicole in my last year. It is fun being a young mom :)

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  4. I was an art major too, thought I was only in university for a year. (I got married and moved to a rural area.)

  5. I met my wife during Photo classes at HSU under the wonderful Tom Knight. They still had the big lawn, at the entrance to the school where they held Lumberjack Days, sponsored by Miller Beer! We still think of Arcata as home, and many of our best friends are there. And.. we have a low Co-Op number. Thanks for the photos!

    1. What year did you attend HSU? I took two classes with the fine Mr. knight! Loved him! I'm Facebook friends with his son😊 we still have some really good friends up there also. I love HSU.