September 7, 2012

Retro Friday: Baby Sister

Time to introduce my little sister Victoria. Isn't she super adorable? I remember like it was yesterday the day she was born. I may have written on here somewhere about that day, but I'll retell it now that there is a photo to go with the story. I wish I had one of her baby pictures in my possession, but those are with my mom. She was born on a cold January day, sometime in the school week, weighing in at 9 lbs. 12 oz! I know it was a weekday, since I remember not going to school because she was born. This is 1970, when parents did things then that you wouldn't dream about doing today, or maybe you wouldn't then, and my parents were just out there. Anyway, I remember waking up to my mom and dad not being home. I was 7 at the time and my brother was 9. They made no arrangements for anyone to watch us apparently. We figured out that mom must be at the hospital, and that it should be a day off of school for us to celebrate! My brother and I watched countless daytime programs like; "Mayberry R.F.D., "Lets Make a Deal," and other daytime fare. In the process of watching these, my brother and I mowed down an entire loaf of "Wonder Bread," and numerous glasses of "Quick" chocolate milk. I can't remember when my dad finally called the house to tell us that we had a sister, but I do remember my brother being really mad, because he wanted it to be a boy. He ran into my parents room and messed up their bed in is tantrum. I remember being thrilled beyond words to have a sister.
We have always been the best of buddies, and I couldn't have asked for a better sister! We are known for talking on the phone for endless hours and laughing at the nerdiest things that only we get. I left the house to go to college when she was 10, so I missed a lot of her growing up, but as she got older, and moved out on her own, we kept our close relationship and have had such great memories of those early days of her venturing out into the world.
Like I said, I couldn't have asked for a better sister. She is the bees knees!!! I love her big time!!

The pictures above were taken as a portrait for a gift my mom was going to give my dad. I remember so much about that dress I'm wearing in the photo, because it was the dress I wore on my first airplane ride to Panama! I got to know it very well, as they lost our luggage and I had to wear it for several days in a row! I love also in this photo how I look adopted with everyone having black hair and brown eyes!! I know my hair looks kinda dark here but it was and is a much lighter brown than my siblings. My mom's hair was so black that when it was wet, it looked blue, like in the comic books when they make superman's hair have those blue highlights. In this photo, I think I'm 9, and my sister is about 18 months. I think it is a really good picture of everyone, especially my brother.
I have some other funny pictures with my sister in them, so those will end up here eventually.

On a different topic, I just finished a real cute tunic, that I put in the shop. I'll do a post on it soon.

I'm off now to enjoy the golden fallish sunshine.


  1. Ok, I think it is SOOOO FUNNY that your brother messed up your parent's bed HAHA! I laughed so hard when I read that. It's funny on so many levels :)

  2. I know right?!!! I remember standing there watching him and laughing at him as he did it.

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