September 13, 2012

Lovely September

The light is changing everyday as I peer into my living room, towards the afternoon there is a gentle golden glow.
Colors of September for me are these burnt oranges and purples. In flowers and
fruit. We still have a few more days of summer, according to the calendar, but you can smell the the autumn in the air, and hear the rustling of the leaves starting to fall. I'll miss the long days of summer, but my heart belongs to autumn.
What's this? Nicole sent me the magazine that she was featured in, in the UK. Look at her name right there on the cover! The following photos are her spread, featuring her designs.

Nicole tells me that this beautiful young lady modeling her clothing, will be in the up coming season of "Downton Abbey." It will be fun to look out for her when it finally airs in the US.
Along with the magazine, she sent me something from here :)
Beautiful fabric! Can't wait to make something fun.

One other bit of news, today I am featured over on Etsy Kids. Here is the link if you want to go and check it out


  1. How exciting for Nicole! Her designs are beautiful Our temperatures are still in the high 90's, but the light has changed and so to me it feels like fall. I enjoy seeing your living room, and i'm not too surprised that we have similar taste :)

  2. hi elizabeth! oh exciting for nicole!! please let us know when her episode airs. i just recently begun to notice a seasonal change too...even on warm days things just "feel" different.

  3. Definitely autumnal here, thank goodness. The colder the better for me! Well done, Nicole. I'm guessing she's really enjoying her stint in London.

  4. This is grrreat - for both you and Nicole, each of you getting some terrific press as you go forward with your individual endeavors! I like the style of the photographs for Nicole's clothing; I think they bridge the space between her personality and the ultimate wearer of her clothing. Truly "modern-romantic", you must be very impressed. I know I am. Her name even looks (&sounds) famous on the cover of the magazine. Don't you think? Both of your daughters and you are so over-the-top good at what you each do. Your family is creative beyond creative. Any grandchildren tha t come along will be unable to dodge the creative bullet. I read the etsy piece on you. It is so nice that hey do that. The more people get to know who is behind the product, the easier it will be to " take a chance" on one of your items. Once they see, in person, the attention to perfect detail you put into your work and actually touch the heavenly fabrics you use, I am absolutely positive that the word will spread. I think people will keep the clothing you make for generations. It is not only that good, in quality, but they have a timeless appeal about them. Again, congratulations to Nicole, and congratulations to you. Hi five yourselves (across the pond)!

  5. Thanks everyone! I am very proud of her. Right now she is putting a business plan together to start her own line. They have a real good program in London, where they help out up and coming new artists.

    Carolina, thanks for the lovely compliment :) I miss you in blog land girl!