September 14, 2012

Retro Friday: School

Since it is the month of going back to school, I thought I'd throw this little gem on here. I'll let you look for me. I loved this teacher and grade a lot. I made my first best friend in this class, her name was Michelle, she is the third from the right in the second row. She is wearing the cute purple jumper with the groovy flower shirt. I pretty much remember everyone in this photo, and some of my interactions with them as well. I really loved this teacher too, she was one of my very favorites.
Sweet innocent days of elementary school, and a time where you started school in September, and actually rode a school bus. Now, it seems in our area anyway, school starts mid August, and there is no funding for school buses, so you are taken to school in a car pool or just with your parents. Oh, and the other thing I loved the most and was so excited for, was getting a brand new box of crayons!
I have such great memories of Jackson Heights school. I have this really funny thing I do when I can't sleep that involves my memories of this school. I start at kindergarten age, and try and remember everything thing I can, down to what I liked to do at school, to what I wore, then I move on to first grade...etc. I usually don't make it past 3rd grade, and I'm out.

What are your fond memories of elementary school?


  1. My fond memory? I was the jacks champion of West End Elementary!! I don't know which one you are because none of them look like you. Is it a trick question? = )


  2. first row, second from the left?

  3. Nope :) Remember the dreaded pixie hair cut?! I'm the one with the red skirt in the front row, 4th from the left.

  4. I love this! I remember wearing a polka dot dress for my first class photo and red mary jane shoes! :)