September 19, 2012

Big and Little People Sewing

I promised Caitlin after I finished the last two etsy items I have been working on, that I would take a tiny break and sew her up this cute retro dress. I'm making the long sleeve version of it, and not the 3/4 version. I'm excited to make something for her, since it has been a long time! I will make her model it when I'm done with it. The fabric is a nice jersey, and I think we lucked out with the print looking a little retro as well. I'll be cutting it out tomorrow, and hopefully be finished sometime next week. After this dress, I have a super cute red cape, and a little wool coat I will be making for the shop.
These are the pinwale corduroy pants I just finished. The fabric is super, super soft. Most likely it will only get more buttery soft through washings.
Pleat detail
Tiny pockets
Leather button closures at the bottom.
I think these pants are uni-sex and I could see a little boy wearing it with a smart little button down shirt and a little vest. Or for a little girl with nice little blouse or turtle neck. Those moms with boys, tell me what you think? I know my shop is more for girls, but I would like to add a few boy items too. Not raising sons, it is hard sometimes for me to know what a parent of a boy might want. Would love some feedback if you would like to leave me a comment.


  1. No little boy is going to wear those pants. The knee treatment screams girl, girl, girl.

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  3. @ Anonymous, thanks for the feedback. The pants go down farther than the knee. I was thinking for a boy it would be like an old fashion knickerbocker look. More vintage, and not an everyday outfit I suppose.

  4. love the the dress and the knickers for a little boy. enjoy your weekend!