September 21, 2012

Retro Friday: More Sis Pics

 Everything about this picture makes me smile! The cheerfulness of my little sis, and the funky bedspread are just a couple things that bring back fun memories. I bet anyone born in my era, can spot some fun oldie stuff that they use to have. First lets start with the "Love Story" poster. I loved Ali McGraw, and her pretty hair, and crochet hats she wore in this movie, along with some of the cozy winter clothing that I remember. I saw the film when we were in Panama of all places. I remember wanting that poster so badly. Then there is the tape recorder near the lamp. Oh the fun we had with it. We use to tape radio songs and each other, then laugh at how our voices sounded. The radio off to the side was an am radio, that tuned into local radio shows, but on occasion we listened to "Radio Mystery Theater," hosted by E.G. Marshall. Does anyone remember this show? Sometimes in the summer, we would bring the radio outside and get cozy out on our deck to be even more scared in the dark of the night.  The other fun memory I have of this picture is sharing a room with my sister. Like I said in my other post, she was  and still is my best buddy, so we had some pretty fun times as roommates. I remember sometimes when I had to get out of bed for some reason or other, she was my little bed warmer, and she always would keep things cozy until I came back, with no complaints. We even had a dorky little song we would sing too. I'll spare you the lyrics, since it is only funny for us!
This Christmas picture just makes me laugh! I think I was in sixth grade in it, and I remember my hair always being in a rats nest, and not even caring. I know it is the morning time, but it pretty much stayed like this. What a funny time middle school is. You feel like a total dork, and you aren't sure if you are a kid anymore or a teen. I really remember feeling so out of sorts then. I love how cheerful my sister looks though. She was such a happy little kid, and so fun to be around, I mean look at that smiley cute face! How could anyone be sad around such sunshine :)   Hey, how about that nice Mickey Mouse gum ball machine I got, and my groovy leather snap bracelet?
What are some of your best memories of your sibling/s?

Fall is here in a big way, and I plan to enjoy this weekend with friends on Saturday, and then on Sunday Caitlin and I will be going here. Happy weekend blog friends!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. A vintage fashion fun!
    I had my mom crochet me a dozen hats like Ali McGraws and I thought I looked so great in them and would imagine my hair to be long. I'm sure I have a photo somewhere...maybe next retro Friday :)