October 23, 2012

Caitlin The Illustrator

This is little miss Caitlin at about a year old, already trying to draw a picture.......
 Here she is at 18 months old, watching, and probably wanting to draw something.
Almost two years old in this photo, and the little table was moved to her room so she could non stop draw.  I have a lot of her early drawings, and for being so young, they were quite complex. She drew people at the age of two with everything in the correct spot, along with many details, like jewelry, and eye lashes. I think this what she was born to do! Illustration comes so easily to her, and we all have enjoyed her many handmade cards and pictures that she has made for us. She is due to continue her degree in art when she transfers in the Fall of 2013. Due to the state of California having such budget issues, she cannot transfer until then. So what is she up to while she waits for a whole year? Open up an Etsy shop!  She only has four items so far, but is filling it up as fast as she can draw and paint. She will have some hand painted jewelry pieces in there soon.  Just wanted to give a little shout out to her, so others can find her shop.