October 16, 2012

Fun Embroidery Project

 As if I don't have enough to do already, I decided I  needed an embroidery project to work on. I saw this over at Sublime Stitching, and I'm going to attempt to duplicate it. You have to click over to see how cute these animals were stitched up by an artist in Australia. I tried to enlarge them to see if she used cotton floss or something else, as they did not seem to know over at Sublime Stitching, and I'm pretty sure she used wool.

So I went on line and started looking for shops in my area, and wow, I found THE coolest needlework shop EVER!! It is located in a semi industrial area in  Alameda Ca. It has 3000 sq. feet of goodies! Top quality threads and anything you could possibly ever want in a needlework shop. The name of the shop is cute too, it's called " Needle In a Haystack."
It is wall to wall threads of all kinds. From silk, to cotton, to wool. Needless to say, I blew a lot of my birthday money here.
I won't even tell you how much these all came to, but all I can say is I better actually do this project or I will feel super guilty, since this was a small kings ransom! I looked at the pictures on SS and just randomly chose some colors to work with. I chose a few with different textures, to make it more interesting.

On another note, I am very close to finishing Caitlin's dress. I don't know why, but this dress is kicking my butt big time. All I need to do now is put the sleeves in, the zipper, and finish the hems and I am done! I have so many things going on in my head  for the Etsy shop that I'm itching to start cutting up more things.

I'm off now to tackle that dress!!!!!


  1. That is some beautiful thread. I've never ventured beyond the often frustrating DMC floss.

  2. Gorgeous. I can imagine the giddy excitement walking into this store- 'like a kid in a candy store'

    I love the special artist series that SS puts out. I am tempted to get this one too. I did

    I did the Kurt Halsey one a long time ago and it is in Scarlet's room. So fun


  3. These look like fun jewels.

    Have fun!

    M :)

  4. that shop looks like heaven & hell to me as i can never make a decision and all those choices - wow. looking forward to seeing what you do and the finished dress! enjoy your weekend!

  5. Awesome loot you got and even awesome-er that you have Needle in a Haystack in your area! Have fun working on this pattern set!!!

    I can relate a bit. I'm working on Daisychain Sampler by Alicia Paulson. Splurged on several skeins of crewel wool so I must finish my sampler ... sooner or later but it will get done :-).