October 1, 2012

Getting Things Done

I forgot to show you what I ended up buying at the vintage expo last weekend. Caitlin went for all the cool clothing and accessories, and I went for the notions and patterns. I was hoping that the vendor with the really amazing button stall would be there, but sadly she wasn't. There was however the other vendor that I bought some things from last time, and above is what I found. Some buttons and trim. I already know what I want to do with that little cat button. I really wished there were more of those, but this was the one and only. The pattern is quite something.......
 It is from 1907! The vendor let me open it to see if it was complete, and boy was I nervous, because it was extremely fragile. I plan on tracing it to some sturdier paper, and sew it up in some linen perhaps. I have some cute ideas for it. I love the silhouette of it, and how it still could be quite modern.
 I'm having troubles with loading photos on to this new blogger format!!! Has anyone figured out how to get them in the right order on here? I thought I had figured it out, and boom, here is a photo out of order. I'm too lazy to start over, so you will get to see my baking photo that was meant for the end of the post. I made these really yummy oat scones the other day, using all oat flour and maple syrup. To make them moist, they had greek yogurt in them as well. I plan on experimenting with this and adding some currents next time. They were so good with a little bit of strawberry fruit spread that I had.  I got to bake these before we got this hideous heat that is lingering today :( It is about 100 degrees!  Hopefully the forecast is correct when they say that it will be cooling  on Thursday.
OK, now for some actual work I did on Caitlin's dress. Again, these photos are not in the order that I wanted, but it will have to do.  All of those pleats on this dress had me hunched over my work table for quite sometime! I could not use chalk to mark the pleats, so I had to tailor tack the whole thing!!! For those of you know what tailor tacking is, you will feel my pain, and for those of you who don't know, it is marking everything with thread. I was so happy to get the pleats where they were suppose to be using this method.
 I'm making view A. Below is where I left off.   Hopefully, after the heat breaks in a couple days, I will make my way back to this dress.


  1. There are three points I want to talk about.
    # 1- that Caitlin better love you TONS. That pleating, not that I am pretending to know what you are talking about, would drive me crazy. Is the fabric slippery?
    #2- all the blogging issues you and others mention is the reason I went with Typepad. I like the size of the photos in Typepad as well.

    and #3- I wish folks that made buttons nowadays would put them on cute cards like that. I especially like the one with the guy's tie flapping. I love that kind of stuff. I have some of those special needles Maison Sajou - their packaging is the only reason I bought them. Expensive, but you can't imagine how happy the packaging makes me every time I see it.

    OK, I am adding #4, here. I think that pattern for the child outfit in a pale colored linen would be divine! Great choice.


  2. The tailor tacking on this bad boy took so long! It is a jersey, but I think it has polyester in ti, because the chalk will not stay on it. I felt so accomplished after I did all that pleating I tell ya! I told Caitlin that I better not see this dress on the bedroom floor, or I'll cry!

    You can make the pictures bigger on here, I'm just too lazy to reformat it. I'm thinking on doing it soon though. I never had problems uploading in their old format, but they forced everyone now to have their new version, and the photos load however it wants it seems! I bet there is a way, and I'm just not seeing it.

    Aren't those button cards cute?! This lady puts some of the buttons on reproduction cards also.

    I'm excited to make that 1907 pattern :)

  3. I like the pattern on the fabric. I can see Caitlin pulling this off nicely. All the work will be worth it in the end.
    I love the notions you got.

  4. i love the button cards, especially the one for the men's shirt. and that dress - whoa! seriously pretty, looks so hard to make, and i love the fabric!

  5. Um--I'm glad you are the one doing that pleating. I'm sure it will be beautiful when you are finished.

    M :)