October 5, 2012

Retro Friday & My Birthday

I think I have shown this picture on here before, but it was a while back, and I really think it fits with my time line and the fact that it was my birthday yesterday. In this photo, I think I'm either eleven or twelve. I can't really remember for sure. My sister looks to be around four in this picture, so I think I would be most likely twelve. My mom made this cute cake, and it looks as if I'm trying to hold back my sisters hands so she won't touch it. So funny for me to look at this picture and see how we almost don't look like we are from the same family! Love her cute chocolate eyes in this picture.   Don't you love my mom's groovy curtains in this photo? So seventies and bright, but I guess it was funky groovy 1974.  
Yesterday we went to Chez Panisse for my birthday dinner. I think this is one of the prettiest shots I have taken of the inside. It is really hard to take photos in there, mainly because of the rosy glow of all of the copper, but this one really shows off the feel of the restaurant I think. I love coming here not only for the food of course, but for the ambience of the restaurant in the fall months.  I just wish that I could capture more of the details better, but I always feel a bit awkward snapping too many photos instead of just having a good time.
 This is the entrance to the kitchen. I love that old cabinet, and they always do a gorgeous display like the one you see of the grapes and egg plants to the left.
We got a really great spot this time.

 Since I turned a whopping 50 years old yesterday, I think it deserves a nice glass of champagne! This particular one was ever so tasty. If you follow me on "Instagram" (gossamerwings) I took a shot of the bottle we drank. Very nice small vintner in France.
 Squash blossoms with anchovies. Anchovies like nothing you have tasted before. Not salty, and not fishy. They just tasted like the sea and quite delicate. I can't ever say enough about how amazing these people dress their greens. I know it looks simple, but I can't really describe how magical the dressing on those leaves taste. You will just have to come someday and taste them for yourself!
 Around this time of year, Chez Panisse loves to serve quail. We always joke that most likely for my birthday, we will be eating quail. Well, yes indeed this is a quail dish. I have to say I was sad to hear they were serving it on my birthday again, but once the plate is in front of you and you taste the creation, you are then mad at yourself from doubting how amazing it ends up being! This one had figs, polenta, tiny grapes and the best sauce covering it. This little guy was quite meaty for being so little.
 This folks, made my whole night! Alice Waters herself was there!! In all the years that I have been going, I have never seen her at the restaurant.
 She is talking to the maitre'd. We watched her in the kitchen, talking and eating her dinner, while standing. She looked to be having such a nice time and was so kind to the staff. I saw her tell them that her dinner was very good and thanked them. She then continued to snack on more food and sip from a tumbler shaped glass filled with rose wine.  I met her once at a book signing at Williams Sonoma, and she is really soft spoken and very petite.

 Caitlin tried some cheese that she wasn't so fond of. Ha ha.
This was a pavlova with passion fruit ice cream, and alpine strawberries. All the flavors were wonderful together, even though pavlova really isn't my very favorite.

I had a super duper fun birthday yesterday, and in my next post I'll share my goodies, because I got some really beautiful things :)

Happy weekend everyone!



    That was the perfect place to celebrate. And what a lovely surprise to get to see Alice. I am sure it made your night. Seriously, all the times you have been there, AND posted about it on your blog, makes me feel like I should go there for my fiftieth! Maybe it will just have to happen. My mouth is watering from your photos; I appreciate you going snap happy in the restaurant so that I can see what it all looks like. Beautiful. Oh to be Caitlin.

    This is a lovely time of year to have a birthday, did you guys get over the heat wave in time for your celebration? We are expecting a major freeze on Sunday night which means I have put my projects aside for a few days to prepare the garden for winter.

    On another note, Elizabeth, I ordered a few fabrics from Holland House on etsy. Everything they had reminded me of you. I hope they don't take too long in getting here.

    Hope your weekend is ultra relaxing - Happy Birthday.


  2. It has become a tradition to go to Chez Panisse every year for my birthday, and this year I almost decided not to go since they were serving quail, but I felt that my birthday would just not be the same if I didn't go. We had such a lovely time, and the food of course was amazing!

    I think you would LOVE Chez Panisse. It is hard to explain the place sometimes because it is equal parts funky Berkeley and cozy eye candy if that makes any sense.

    The heat broke just in time for my birthday, thanks goodness! Berkeley in the fall is so nice, because you get the breeze off the bay, and all the old neighborhoods are so charming with the tree lined streets and old craftsman styled homes.

    Would love to see the fabrics you bought from Holland house. I think I may know which ones you chose though. I received my fabric from them very quickly, so you should as well.

    Happy weekend to you too :)

  3. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! Has another year gone by already?? I wish you all the best...I think you are an amazing woman and I am so glad to call you my friend. If I was near I would have arrived on your doorstep today just to give you a birthday hug xoxo
    p.s. I love your recent pins...fairy houses and such...we have kindered hearts...

  4. Happy special birthday to you! Looks like it was a good 'un.
    Can't believe it's still so hot where you are. We're well into cooler, crisper autumn weather here which, for me, is just perfect.
    Hope the celebrating continues throughout the weekend!