November 28, 2012

Little Jacket is Done!

 This little jacket has been 99% done and sitting on my work table for a week now! Thanksgiving blew into town, and I had a hard time getting the button holes done on it.
 Finished it finally today! I really love the feel of this wool and flannel combination.
 It is very roomy and a nice medium weight. The cotton organic flannel is so sweet and I love how it works well with the serious wool fabric. It can be worn with the sleeves rolled up or not.

I had this beautiful piping in my ribbon/ notion collection for a long time, and though it worked very well with the style.

I"ll be cutting out some more garments and filling the shop as time allows. I may do some little boy pants and perhaps a little holiday dress.

Stay tuned!


  1. I love the details you put into your clothes. If only I could find such well made items for myself!

  2. Such a cute jacket!
    Some little cutie will
    look adorable in it!

    M :)