December 3, 2012

December Already!

 I just got use to all the beautiful autumnal colors and bam, we are now into December, and things are staring to change with the coming season. We had a super soaker of a stormy weekend, and the little maple tree finally started to let its golden leaves go. I love the slight ombre effect the leaves gave on the lawn.
I did not participate in Black Friday, and truth be told I actually never do. I do however participate in the Saturday small business shopping. We had a very nice time strolling the streets of Berkeley looking for small treasures, and seeing what all the unique shops were carrying. I decided to crack open my wallet for this beautiful German ornament at this shop. I plan on going back to this little shop and taking some better pictures of their window display, because it was beautiful, and I only had my iPhone, and you guys just have to see it!
 Isn't it cute how it spins around! I could have spent way more here, it is that magical.
 Next stop was Atomic Garden. I really love this shop because it supports local artists as well as carrying quality handmade things. The shop is co owned by Adrienne Armstrong and a friend of hers. Adrienne is the wife of the singer Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. There was a very nice article written about her and the shop here.  I love how she actually spends time in the shop. I happened to be be in there last Christmas season, and she was there working on displays with an employee.
 They use all eco friendly packaging, and I love the stores logo too. I ended up actually buying
 this little gem for myself. I have wanted something like this for the kitchen for a long time, and this was so nicely crafted, I just had to get it. So, did I actually buy any Christmas gifts on small business Saturday? No, only little gifts for myself :) I am however going back to these very same shops to do more shopping though in the coming days. I'm so turned off by the generic stores right now, that the small businesses will be getting most of my money this year.
 We got the tree up yesterday. From this angle the tree looks pretty straight, but it is cut in such a way, that when you see it from the other side it seems a bit tipped. We played with it forever, and just had to settle on the way it is. I thought I'd show you the trees "good side!"
 I pulled out this pillow that I made over ten years ago now. I can't believe that I use to carve so much time out and get projects like this done back then, with kids in school etc. It was from an old Marie Claire Idees pattern.
I giggle to myself every time I see this picture, because it was always such a huge chore every year to get my Christmas cards out with the girls photo. I use to take several shots of them with my 35mm camera, then get them printed, go through them all and then decided which one to duplicate, then take the negative to the photo shop to have several printed up. Now with digital cameras and all these services for getting your shots printed, it is so much easier! Don't you just love their 90's sweaters in this!  I think Caitlin was five in this shot and Nicole was 10.
As I put up the tree yesterday, there was a bit of melancholy as I took ornaments out that were Nicole's. She will be in Europe again, and not here for Christmas. Makes us all a bit sad not to have her here.
We do plan on making the most of this holiday season though, and hope that Nicole and Pierre have a wonderful holiday over there.

I'm working on some little hats for the shop, hopefully I can show you very soon!

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  1. Great post Elizabeth! I love your pillow... reminds me of Grandma Moses, really beautiful. We've been busy around here. Hosting two parties over the next couple of weeks so I have to have things just right! xo