December 7, 2012

Hey Check Out This Cute Hat!

 Well, I managed to whip this little guy up the other day, and I had so much fun doing it. I have two more sizes cut out and ready to sew very soon.
 This little guy is an infant to 12mo. size and the other two are sized at 12mo. up to 3T, and 4 to 6.
The ribbons will be different colors, because I got carried away with all these beautiful Midori satin ribbons, and I could not decided which to pick, so each hat will have a different color!
This little hat is SUPER, SUPER soft. It is made with faux fur that is imported from France, and lined with organic cotton fleece. I know there are a lot of these little hats out there on the market, but I decided to make this one as special as I could by selecting top quality fabrics, to give it an extra cozy feel to it.
I sure hope I can get the others done this coming week and get them in the shop. Christmas time with all its fun, is keeping me running, like most of us. I'm trying not to over do it though, so what ever makes it in there will have to be it.

Now I have to straighten out my tornado of a mess work room and other wonderful house work.


  1. This is SO cute! If I didn't live in FL, it would probably be wrapped and under my Christmas tree. for Oliver.

  2. Oh Elizabeth, It's LOVELY! Your work is always flawless--I'm always impressed.

  3. I just got home from Austria and see that you have been a busy little elf! Posts galore!

    I must say that the little hat is THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

    I hope the other ribbons are as spot on as this grey one.

    I have quite a bit of Christmas to tend to, but hope to find a bit of time, in the next few days, to write you a longer note.

    Merry Christmas,


  4. Thanks ladies for the lovely comments! I truly enjoyed making this little hat.

    @Carolina, You lucky lady, to have gone to the land of Christmas! I would imagine there were beautiful things to see everywhere you looked! Nicole just got back from a trip to Hungary, and she had some beautiful pictures of the Christmas markets and yummy things to eat.
    Glad you are back safe and sound :)

  5. The faux fur looks really special. The hat is super cute.

  6. If I had a smaller head I'd wear one myself!