December 13, 2012

A Little Pause

 It is always nice to stop and take a deep breath around this time of year, and do something comforting like bake a batch of muffins. Last Sunday I had so much energy, that I decided to bake these, then we spent all day looking at shops and picking up a few things for Christmas, it was so beautiful out and clear with a gorgeous sunset over the golden gate bridge, could have asked for a more wonderful shopping day. For those that follow my "Instagram," you probably saw some of my weekend photos.
These muffins are in the new Food Network magazine, and they are Mexican Chocolate. Nice with a cup of coffee.  I came home that same day from shopping, to a request for a special order. It was for
 this little velvet jacket. I found the most gorgeous cotton velvet at my favorite fabric shop in Berkeley, and the cutest buttons. I think it turned out rather sweet, and I do hope it is what she wanted. I took the last yard of this fabric, and I sure wish that they had more! I washed and dried it and it came out looking perfect.
 I love black on babies, I think it looks pretty amazing on their skin, and so fun to dress up or down.
This little order interrupted my hat production, but I did have a fun time making this little jacket that I didn't mind. I also sold one of the cute little red capes. I hope the cutie that gets it loves it!
Tomorrow I start on the two hats that I cut out. Hope the Holidays are treating you well so far.

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