December 27, 2012

Christmas Extravaganza 2012

Hope everyone had a glorious Christmas. Despite our house being 50 plus degrees only, we did our best to have fun filled day. Our heater broke on Friday, and it isn't until today that we are getting heat! It's been so cold.
Our Christmas was laid back and relaxing, with a yummy breakfast of David's infamous buttermilk pancakes, a dinner of ham and potatoes Anna. I hadn't made that type of potato since the early nineties, so I thought I'd give a shot again. I think the first time I made it, it turned out so much prettier, but these still were very good. You can't go wrong with clarified butter and potatoes can you?!
We had so much fun Skyping in Nicole from London! She stayed on most of the day with us, and it felt as though she was right here with us. We sure missed her though!!
Now we look forward to the new year, and hope it brings us good things. I will do a looking back post soon, like I did last year.
Now I'm off to get warm with my newly installed heater!!!!


  1. Love the piccie hilights of your day - cold weather would just give you extra permission to remain in PJ's for the day!!!

  2. I so enjoy your photos and your beautiful home. You have such elegance.

  3. What a lovely time despite the chilly conditions!


  4. Hi Elizabeth! Visiting from PR&P. Thank you for your sweet comment today.

  5. Great holiday pics. Looks like everyone had fun. Skyping is fun too. Hope you are getting warm!

    M :)