December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve, and A Trip Down Memory Lane

 I wanted to do this last Friday, but got derailed by dealing with my heater being broken! It is still broken, and we are freezing right now.  These photos are in no specific order, but I thought you would enjoy them. The one above in 1992.... The dress Caitlin is wearing, was made for Nicole when she was two, and you can see her wearing it below. My Niece then wore it when she was two.
 Nicole at age 2
 Christmas photo card Caitlin was 7 Nicole was in 12
 Nicole's first Christmas. She adored candy canes.
 Nicole getting her first bike. She is 7 or so
 Me! I think I was about 11
 Caitlin with her Granddad, age 5
 Nicole's first tricycle when she was 2
Caitlin's first Christmas, decorating gingerbread men with her sister and Nana.
 Nicole was 18 months here. Her first plane trip to see grandparents in Wyoming
 Nicole with Nana, age two
 Caitlin at 18 months sharing a Christmas story with her daddy.
 Nicole was seven, and Caitlin was 2
I really miss having little kids at Christmas time!

Well, I have two more gifts to wrap. I better get cracking!!!

A Very Merry Christmas to everyone from our home to yours!!!


  1. What great pictures...your daughters are so beautiful. Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas!

  2. Wonderful! Your oldest daughter hasn't changed a bit!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hope you've been having a wonderful Christmas.