January 9, 2013

The New Year Begins

 These glasses are a symbol of a shinny new year! When I woke on New Years day, the sun was shinning through all the party glassed from the night before.  I think it is a good omen!
 This is California in the winter. Never horrible weather, really, just foggy in the morning and cold, but not freezing.
 I'm trying to stay true to my quasi resolution of doing more embroidery. I started this project pictured below. I bought it for Christmas for Caitlin, and I had hope to sneak some time to finnish it, and give it to her completed, but it didn't happen. Instead, I told her it would be my first project of the year. If you are interested in the design, it comes from here.    I have given myself a mini vacation from the shop, but I hope to start on some more items next week.    Blogger is really bugging me lately, and I know I have complained on here before, but if anyone has any tricks on how to up load photos in the order you want them, please let me know! Ever since they changed it, everything is messed up!   I can't type below this photo, because I'm sure I must have punched something I shouldn't have, and now this is where I have to say good bye for now.   Stay tuned for some pretty little dresses and other items for the shop.


  1. The embroidery is looking great - you have more patience than I do! As for help with blogger, sorry, I'm not into the techno side of things...J

  2. I've been itching to do an embroidery project - yours is looking great! I stopped using bloggers photo hosting and switched to Photobucket, which is free and I really liked. I'm using Flickr now...but my switch back to photobucket. California winter looks lovely, perfect for sitting with a friend and stitching :)