February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just got the most beautiful Valentine's bouquet from my sweetie! Our family has become big fans of this flower shop, ever since Nicole sent me a bouquet from them last Mother's day. They do out of the box gorgeous arrangements.   It is so pretty in person, I hope that I captured it in the photos. I'm a lover of flowers and chocolate, so this combination never gets old for me.  Tonight we are going here for dinner, and I can't wait. I love how both the flower shop and the restaurant both have a flower title :)
Hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's day!

On a whole other note, my blog anniversary came and went on Feb.12th. It has been five years now since I started this blog, and it is always so fun to go back to that first shaky post to see how it all began! I have made great blog friends on here, and I have actually met one of them in person. I have seen the formats change and have seen some favorite blogs leave all together. I'm still here though, and plan to be, as this was always my on line scrapbook, and was really never intended to be anything else. While my posts sometimes are few, I will always put something up on here for my memory as well as sharing ideas or recipes for my fellow bloggers.
Here is to many more years ahead!!


  1. oh you lucky girl...i knew you'd have some pretty flowers to share with me!!...i don't have a clue what will be coming to me later tonight. he's getting hot rods and a giant chocolate bar from me! he'll be happy!
    hope you have a wonderful evening...

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous. None here. My mister doesn't have a romantic bone in his body! Congratulations on 5 years of blogging and relieved to hear you're staying.