February 7, 2013

February Light

 There are certain rooms in ones house that have the best light, don't you think? For this house, I think our bedroom and living room have the best winter light. Summertime is a whole different story though. I love making our bed in the winter months because of the gentle winter light coming through the window. The trees are naked outside letting all that beautiful light filter through. Pure magic for me anyway.

Here in the SF Bay Area, I have noticed that the first week or sometimes two, we have fake out spring weather, where all the cherry blossoms come out, and the air starts to smell like springtime in full bloom. Then bam, it starts to rain again, and all the petals end up carpeting the streets and sidewalks. I love this, yet at the same time I'm sad for the trees and plants that were faked out.
My husband has horrible allergies, and since I love cherry blossoms, I had to compromise and not bring in the real deal. These are Pottery Barn fakes, and I think they are pretty nice, but part of me really wants the real ones. At least these last longer, and don't have my husband sneezing.
I just cut out a little 3 month size dress with the rest of this fabric. I decided to not do the collar, or the red rick rack, but I am using the little wooded buttons. I'm on a quest today to find some lace instead for the collar of this little dress. I hope to have this one in the shop soon.

Which room in your house has the best light?


  1. It is so hard to tell the fake from the real these days! Artificial flowers have come a long way, and grace many a beautiful home. Best room in my home for light is our family room - windows and sliding doors on 3 sides to capture the light and breezes on any day.
    *love your cute little dresses...J

  2. The dining room and my sewing room have the best light. Those flowers look beautiful. Our blossoms here are months away!

  3. I love the pictures in this post - my ideal house would be one huge room where at all times of the day, the light would stream in like it does in your bedroom photo. LOVE IT. I have a house with lots, and lots of windows. Unfortunately my studio, the room I spend the most time in, does not partake in the window heaven that the rest of the house does. I seriously dream about building myself a separate studio - with my own two hands. "It is not about the size, it is about the light"- I tell my husband. I AM grateful, though to have a dedicated workspace that can remain untouched by everyone else. It is unfortunate that your husband suffers from seasonal allergies - my youngest does too - she is in her second year of immunotherapy and we have seen great improvement. The PBS flowers look lovely - I am ready for winter to go away.

  4. your light looks so pretty and i love your textiles. those cherry blossoms also look totally real. our apartment is east/west, so the light changes throughout the day. i'd say the east side is the best side. hope your weekend was good.