February 4, 2013

Temescal District, Oakland

 Saturday we headed over to our favorite area of Oakland, the Temescal district. Home to my favorite Mexican restaurant and other restaurant gems. I recently read an article on the small alley way behind these favorite restaurants. I saw this alley a while back, but didn't think really to go and explore, until I read about all the neat things in this hidden alley.
 Very unassuming and quaint once you walk down it. It has some really unique shops like the barbershop in the first photo. Hate this word because it is over used, but there were many hipsters in there getting their hair cut, and a few doors down from this barbershop was a really nice men's store. All the items are made either locally or at least in the United States. There was a neat jewelry store, and a vintage furniture shop next to it.
 Doughnut Dolly  was the real reason we wanted to check this hidden alley out. These doughnuts are not your run of the mill doughnuts! First I have to say that I'm not a fan of doughnuts in general, and never eat them if I can help it. I find the coating of grease and the over sweetness too much. This place is not run of the mill. High quality ingredients and care in how the product is made is evident.
 They are little round balls of yeast risen heaven, with fillings that you get to choose from, pumped into the center. The flavors that day were; wild plum, naughty filling(which is creme fraiche,cream with vanilla bean) chocolate hazelnut, and Meyer lemon cream. We had the wild plum and naughty filling. So GOOD! You don't taste any grease that you would with a regular doughnut, and the fillings are not too sweet. Hard to explain just how yummy these were. If you live near by, you must go!

 Here are the containers with the fillings.
 Wonderful looking local jams being sold as well.

 I actually showed you dessert before lunch. We went to Bake Sale Betty's to get one of her famous chicken sandwiches with spicy coleslaw. This place has changed a bit, which made me a little sad, because it was so visually charming before, and now it is too streamlined and you don't see any of the beautiful baked goods that were on display before. I hope this is just an odd transition, and not a foreshadowing of things to come. The chicken was still good. We got it in salad form though which was just as good.
They still have the ironing boards and stools out on the sidewalk. It was a chilly day, even though some of these guys were wearing shorts, so we went to our car to eat our lunch.  If you are ever planing on visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, take a side trip to the Temescal district of Oakland, you will not be sorry.


  1. it's great to be like a tourist in your own town - the whole area looks great, including the alley. those donuts or doughnuts look delicious!

  2. Sounds like a great place to explore! The doughnuts look
    so yummy!

    M :)