March 27, 2013

In The Shop Right Now

 Finished this little top. I love gingham, it reminds me so much of spring.
 I found these beautiful German glass buttons at the vintage faire in San Francisco a while back, and thought they looked so cute with this top. They are quite sturdy, but  very sweet I think.

Here are the buttons on the original card. I'm not sure of their date, but I would have to guess 1950's perhaps?
Today I will be finishing a pair of Liberty of London bloomers in a generous size 12 mo. The fabric is the same as the other top I finished last time. I plan to make some white linen ones and some natural colored linen as well. I think bloomers are so versatile in a babies wardrobe, so I want to make sure I have some good basics in the shop. I have lots of fun ideas, and hopefully I will have the time to execute them all!  Keep checking back :)


  1. Very are so brave to actually use the buttons. I become attached to vintage goodies.

  2. love gingham especially for little ones and those buttons are wonderful. they really make the top heirloom. enjoy your easter.

  3. @ Cindy, thanks! Happy Easter to you as well.

    @Leanne. I think the buttons are better on this little top than me keeping them :) I do keep some that I eventually want to use for future grandchildren :) I figure there is always a vintage faire somewhere where I can find more cute buttons.