April 1, 2013

Our Easter

It turned out to be a wonderful Easter dinner, but when I woke up yesterday, the weather was quite dim out and I wasn't quite in the mood for some reason. We went to church and it was a wonderful service and I felt renewed for the day. As we left church, it was pouring rain, and as we raced to our car to not get wet, I tripped and fell! Like a little girl, I had a skinned knew and a little tear on my face, but I tried to shake it off and not let it dampen the day. Once home my helpers kicked in to help pull off a really nice dinner and relaxed afternoon.
Our lamb was so good! It was a local grass fed lamb, and the flavor was so wonderful. With it we just had some of the regular spring veggies, and for dessert, this beautiful cake from here. At first I didn't want a big dessert hanging around the house, so I decided not to make a cheese cake, but when I set foot in this bakery, I could not resist this beautiful cake! The bakery is very European, which I like. The cake was not so sweet, just lots of lovely chocolate, and for the center a nice mousse filling.
Hope everyone had a nice Easter


  1. Oh dear! Hope you are o.k.. Your celebration looks wonderful. I love Lillet but have never had the red. The white is so good poured over a lemon or orange slice.
    We had spring yesterday for our feast. Today, we are back to winter!!


  2. Sorry to hear about your little trip...hope you're not feeling it more today. You did a lovely job on the floral arrangement...and the food looks relish. xo

  3. Your flower arrangement is gorgeous! I always enjoy seeing your table settings,

  4. Hope you are doing ok from your fall.

    Your table looked really pretty.

    M :)

  5. sorry you took a tumble (down the rabbit hole :)?), but we'd never know it from your traditionally beautiful easter table. love the flower arrangement and all of the food looks so delicious, as always.