March 6, 2013

Lillian Berry Top

 Just finished this sweet little top made of Liberty of London fabric.
I used mother of pearl heart shaped buttons. They have such beautiful color tones to them, and work well with the fabric.

The days are flying by and breakneck speed! Not enough hours in the day to complete all that I want to make or do! I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this.
We had a nice rain last night, leaving everything much brighter and a little less pollen laden! March is such a wild and beautiful month I think. I have wonderful memories about this time of year, when I was pregnant with Caitlin, and anticipating my new baby girl. Her birth will always remind me of cherry blossoms and little birds singing sweetly. I can't believe she will soon be 23!
Last Friday I ordered one of these kits from Alicia at "Posie Gets Cozy." She sold out of them so quickly, and this time I didn't miss out like when her ornament kits sold out at Christmas.
Then, I decided to pacify my inner little girl and buy this. I'll do a post when I get the art doll, and when I finish  making the little bunny. On Thursday Caitlin and I will be making these. Cute right?!  Ok, now I'm off to list this little gem to the Etsy shop.


  1. I can't believe you have spring and pollen already. I am keeping my fingers crossed that winter is on it's way out!
    I love the fabric you chose for this top ... And the buttons!!! It is all soooo pretty. Your pieces are so charming, Elizabeth. How do you come up with all this adorable ness time and time again? Do you sketch out your ideas? It would make for super cute paper dolls - I think you should make some to go with a little girls outfit, that way she and the paper doll can be wearing the same thing. Maybe Caitlin could do some of it.
    I love your work, Elizabeth. With each and every outfit you amaze me.

  2. Yes it is officially spring here in the Bay Area. Today the pollen was so heavy in the air, and it was 81 degrees outside!
    You know, I rarely sketch anything out. It is all locked up in my head. I have a constant stream of ideas for these pieces. Yesterday I had so many, that I didn't know where to start to be honest. I ended up cutting out a couple of things and then I washed all the new fabric I bought :)

    The paper doll idea would be cute wouldn't it? Caitlin does make some jointed ones on her etsy, but she is quite busy with her painting these days, that I don't know I could throw one more thing on her plate.

    Hope to see what you have been up to soon :)