March 13, 2013

How I Spent My Christmas Money

 I have been looking at Jess Quinn's work on Etsy for a while now, and decided to buy one of her very charming dolls with my Christmas money. Lots of really pretty details and quality of craftsmanship in this little lady.
 Since I'm a sucker for Liberty of London, It made my decision a bit easier to choose her because of her little skirt and of course her darling little face. She came all tissued and naturally perfumed with dried lavender. She now has a nice spot in the living room, until I get my work space sorted out, and then she will join all my other little toys.
Last weekend Caitlin and I completed our little bunnies. Now all we need to do is glue them to their little stands. They were a lot of fun to make, and both of them turned out quite differently, which makes it more fun I think.
We nick-named this mourning dove "Mable," she decided to make a nest right by our garage. At first I thought this was a really bad idea when I saw them starting to build it, but they did a much better building job, than I have seen other doves do. She/He, freaks out each time the garage opener goes off, but then settles back down into the nest, once they realize that no one is going to harm them. Should be cute to see the little babies soon chirping away!
Today it was 80 degrees, and summer feeling instead of spring. Which is making it easy for me to cut out more cute spring/summer items.
Thought I'd pop in to say hi, and take a break from laundering all the new fabric!


  1. Love the doll! She will have a good home with you and she seems meant for you.

    The bunny is adorable as well.

  2. love your doll and cute bunny. i treated myself to a jess brown doll last year for the very same reasons. she's the nicest office mate i've ever had :). enjoy your weekend!