April 12, 2013

Dinner With Friends

Monday we had a little dinner party with this beautiful family.
 First you have to know a little back story. David spent a year in Sweden as an exchange student back in 1977 right out of high school, and stayed with the family of the gentleman on the far right, Assar. David has wonderful stories and memories of his time spent with Assar's family. They were such great memories, that he would often tell me that one day we need to go there together, because he just knew I would love it. We had the opportunity to visit Sweden while living in France, back in 2003. He was right! The girls and I truly fell in love with Sweden. There are numerous things we loved about it, and I think I could do a whole post just on Sweden alone, but this post is about these wonderful people.
While living with Assar's family back in 1977, David took his place while he was on his own student exchange adventure, so he never got to meet him in person way back then. Fast forward to today, with connecting on Facebook and a trip to the US to visit his middle daughter, who is studying here in California.
Let me introduce them......starting from the left, is Marta, then Vera, and standing by David is Assar's lovely wife Sofia, then their youngest daughter Alice. Such a warm and friendly family with three very bright and talented daughters. We had such a nice evening chatting and reminiscing.  They really made me want to book a ticket and go back to Sweden for another visit!  We hope they really enjoyed their time in California, and hopefully we will all meet again, this time in Sweden :)


  1. as always, your table looks beautiful. love your linens and those glasses.

    it's so nice that you've kept in touch with them over the years and a trip to sweden sounds wonderful

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. A wonderful opportunity to reconnect.
    I definitely think you should book the trip to Sweden.