April 16, 2013

Linen and Liberty

 I have envisioned this little coverall skirt in my mind for quite some time now. I think white linen is a blank canvas for embroidery and all kinds of other special touches. I found a design to embroider on the front, and then the ideas flowed after that. I tried to pick up all the colors in the Liberty fabric with the embroidery floss, I think I came pretty close.
 I love how it turned out. Sweet with luxurious fabrics. This white linen is medium weight, and the drape of it is so nice.
 I really had fun making my own Liberty of London piping and covered buttons, as well as getting to do some embroidery.
The underskirt is made of beautiful cotton batiste. It is so silky soft, and so perfect with the linen fabric. I trimmed it in crochet lace so that it can peek out of the bottom. The feel of both of these fabrics layered is quite special I must say.
 I think it looks super cute with the top I just finished making.

How spring is strawberry rhubarb crisp?! This was an Ina Garten recipe from the Food Network web site. Really good, and I topped it with almond milk vanilla ice cream.

I haven't baked anything is quite sometime so this was a nice little treat.

What springtime things have you been up to?


  1. Wow, the coverall is simply stunning! I especially love the embroidery.

  2. Oh, that's so pretty. And the pudding looks delish!

  3. Oh my goodness, that strawberry rhubarb concoction looks divine.

    I love the embroidery and the piping on the dress, and the covered buttons are the perfect little finishing touch.

  4. Sweet is the word! That turned out so beautiful, Elizabeth. Perfect choice of embroidery design - picks up the hints of color without overwhelming the joist of it being linen. perfect for summer - and the little "slip", underneath, is just darling. Someone is going to love this for a long, long time. I think having the liberty fabrics as an accent is a smart move. Perhaps you already have thought of doing the same in a shorter top, but with little pantaloons that are all Liberty. Awesome job. I love how your creativity is enhanced by your perfect sewing skills.

  5. the coverall is so pretty and i almost can see a smiley face!