May 3, 2013

Linen and Lavender

 I just pulled my flax linen table cloth and napkins out of the dryer just now, and loved they way the light was hitting them. Summer, always reminds me of linen and lavender. Before I had the pleasure of visiting Provence, I always equated the Napa Valley with linen and lavender. Bright crystal clear light, with tables set in natural linen, and the scent of lavender in the gardens. While visiting Provence, of course this stands out as well, so the two intertwine in my mind when summer time comes around.  Today I spent the day freshening up the house and putting out all the summer linens and pillows out. I sure do love the start of every new season don't you? The house takes on a certain summer smell as well. I know some of you in different parts of the world are probably happy that it is spring in your area, but here, is already summer weather.
 I bought these Weck jars to make these. Time to put the hot kettle away and start thinking about summer oatmeal instead. I looked everywhere for the tiny ball canning jars with no luck, and I didn't want to order them, so I bought these at Crate and Barrel. I think they look kinda cool also.

 I happened to be throwing out the garbage today, and noticed that the lavender is ready to start blooming soon. Seems like out of nowhere things in the back yard are changing fast.

The pomegranate tree is blooming. I sure hope there are lots of fruit in the fall.
After I finish the dress I'm working on for the shop, I plan to make myself and A line skirt out of this Liberty fabric. Simple and quick, although I have to figure out the best way to make a lining for it. I have roamed the shops recently and have found nothing I like out there for summer, so I guess it is time to pull out some patterns and make my own stuff!
Like I mentioned in my last post, this weekend we will be going off to Napa for David to participate in this event. I will be lounging and waiting for him at the finish line. Perhaps sitting at a fresh linen table setting with lavender near by :)

Have a splendid weekend everyone.


  1. Summer?? What season is that?
    We have barely seen Spring AND
    Winter returned!-yes we actually had snow!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    M :)

  2. That first photo made my heart go pitter patter. Oh how I love linen...then to read your description of summer, yes. I used to have some of those Weck canning jars and made the mistake of selling them in a garage sale. What was I thinking? Nice to know Crate and Barrel carries them.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the skirt you are making for yourself. I love springtime also - it makes everything feel so "possible."
    Love the photo you took of the freshly laundered linen... it felt like I could just reach out and touch it.