May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day

Hope all the moms out there had as a fantastic day as I did. My family sure knows how to spoil me. We started out the day at our favorite restaurant, and if you are a long time reader you will recognize the photos. I love their eggs Benedict because they change them all the time with creative flavor combinations. This time they were grilled asparagus and prosciutto, and they were delectable. Caitlin had the cornmeal waffles with candied walnuts, and rosewater flavored butter. She let me have a bite, and they were so light and flavorful.
We then drove out to Marin to check out the Heath ceramic factory. I have been wanting to go out there for quite sometime, and thought it would be a great destination for the day, given how beautiful the surrounding area is.  Love the simplicity of the pieces and how tactile they are. Since I have a butt load of dishes already, we only purchased some small breakfast bowls.
We then decided to drive to Cavallo Point. The views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city are breathtaking from there don't you think?
Winding up the day, we drove home for gift opening and relaxation before then grabbing a bite to eat for dinner locally. The weather was beautiful and the day full.
Today I have one million household chores to do and the dress for the shop to complete, so I better get a move on.
How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Lovely! I've added your "day" to my "wish to do" list next time I'm out. Still haven't been to Flora. I didn't even dress (although I took a shower) all day. I had a brunch of lox and bagels, watched a movie ("Mama", how appropriate), read Henry VIII since we are seeing the play on Wednesday, took a nap and then feasted on steak with all the trimmings. Enjoyed a phone call for all the children, flowers and a lovely tin art bird from Mexico. It was a good day!!


  2. What a lovely mothers day; I so enjoyed all your photographs, it's like I'm getting to visit CA with you :).

  3. What a lovely Mother's Day! Breakfast looks delicious!

  4. a great day for a great mom - heath looks awesome as do the city views!

  5. Good to hear you were thoroughly spoilt by your family. Those presents look very interesting!