May 17, 2013

Dress Details

I finally finished this little gem! Love this fabric so much, and when I saw it, I thought it would look beautiful for this type of dress. Caitlin and I both think it would be the sweetest little summer birthday dress! I love the bow on the back and the pretty heart shaped shell buttons.
It is a one of a kind piece that was made from a 50's era design. Fabric is cotton lawn, so it is soft and perfect for those hot summer nights.

Next up to make are some more baby things, but before that, I will be making that skirt for myself that I mentioned in my last post.
This weekend, most likely will be spent puttering around the house and getting some chores done that need to get finished, like all the science experiments in the fridge for one, EWW.....and also dealing with shifting all the winter clothes to their temporary home, and purging some of it as well.
What are your plans???


  1. pretty, pretty...some lucky little girl! emma will be home sunday...i'll be able to relax :) hope you're well xo

  2. I love this sweet little dress! The fabric is gorgeous! Also, what is the name of the purple flower photographed here?

  3. I love it ... that dress is so sweet. The fabric is absolutely perfect for the style. Every little detail is delicious. You are very, VERY good at pairing the right fabric with a particular style. It looks like a dream.

  4. Thanks everyone for the lovely complements on the dress!
    @ Carolina, thanks I think that is my favorite part! I have seen so many pretty silhouettes ruined by the wrong fabric. I believe that is the key to a well executed piece. It takes me a long time sometimes to find that right fabric for the look I want :)

  5. Beautiful work on this dress Elizabeth.
    I love this silhouette. I am tempted to get it for Scarlet since next year she will be size 6.

  6. I have just found out baby number 4 is on the way, upon return to W.C. next year I may want to try one of your creations on the new arrival!

  7. I love this fabric so much! Well done on the dress! It's beautiful!