May 22, 2013

Things Around My House

Can you see the tiny man on the hill? There are some hills behind our house, and my husband decided on Saturday to hike it. I was still getting up that morning, and heard my phone alerting me to a text. David wrote," Can you see me?" In my foggy state of mind I could not figure out where he would be. I looked out all of the windows, and then remembered that he wanted to conquer that hill, so I looked out the back window, and sure enough, there he was! Way up on the hill waving to me.  The view from up there was quite beautiful he said, and I should have included his photo on here with it, but I'm too lazy to retrieve it from his Facebook page.

 This is our breakfast spot in the kitchen, although most days I find myself in other parts of the house eating breakfast. This morning the light looked especially beautiful in there though.
 Fun package from Anthro arrived today :) Love when what you ordered is as advertised, and you don't have to return it! Their shipping packaging is quite lovely I think.
This week I have carved out selective chores to do each day, and have blown off going to the gym, so that I could get them done. So far I have deep cleaned the kitchen, and the fridge, and today I went through a huge pile of clothing that needed to be stored for the season. I'm putting my feet up for a bit to say hi there, and check in.  Tomorrow I continue to do the chore list, and that will include my mess of a linen closet, where I have much to fold and resort. Spring cleaning is in full force! After each task I feel as if I can breath a little bit, and move forward to the coming summer season.
This Saturday, I'm expecting a delivery that I'm really excited about.....Would you like to take a guess as to what might be arriving? I'll reveal what it is on Monday :)


  1. Your breakfast room is lovely with such beautiful light! And what a lovely package from Anthro! I am headed there in the morning for a little shopping! My little one has been sick with an ear infection all week, but just woke up feeling the best she has felt all week. Yay!! It's so sad when your little one is not feeling well! I hope you have a lovely weekend! I look forward to hearing more about your special delivery on Monday!

  2. Well done on the spring cleaning. Wish I could say I'd been as busy. Can't think what your expected delivery might be. A puppy? A kitten?

  3. Wow, I know I have been super busy with my end, but ooh at all you have opted. I loved seeing the pic of your husband way up on the hill. The vegetation reminds me of Chile. Loved seeing your breakfast spot. I will imagine you there sitting around the table with Caitlin.