May 27, 2013

The Delivery Has Arrived!

I have made my peace with Restoration Hardware. For our 30th wedding anniversary(June 18th) we decided to gift ourselves these his and hers Lyon chairs from RH's vintage French collection. They replaced some Ikea chairs that we had purchased in France 10 years ago! Who said Ikea doesn't hold up?! They severed us well, but now they will live another life with Caitlin when she has her own place.
Let me just say that our purchase from RH from beginning to end was a pleasant one. Store clerk was very helpful and while we were ordering it, we were asked to get cozy at a table like we were at home chatting. Everything was in stock, so the turn around time from purchase to delivery was only a week. They called early in the week to give us the time of delivery, and then they called 20 min. before to make sure we were at home. The delivery people were happy and peppy and looked like they enjoyed their job. They took great care in putting the chairs in, and covered their work shoes, which I like because of the light colored carpet that we have.
  Now lets get to the chairs! We love them. The cushions are down feathers and the construction is solid. We chose Belgian linen in a sand color. They have many options for fabrics, but I loved this combination, as it reminded me so much of furniture that I saw in France. It seems to go quite well with the little table that is in the middle, that we purchased in France, as well as the long table with the mirror over it. You can tell they are related :)
If you are a long time reader, you know that I was a bit disappointed with the direction that RH was going in, as we knew the founder and worked for RH in the early years at the original store. I have blogged about it in the past, so I won't go into detail in this post, lets just say, I think it has changed its identity completely, and is now a success on its own. I have to keep the old memories in the past. I still think they should lighten up the color on the walls in the stores.
We kept thinking about all the actual furniture that we have purchased over the 30 years we have been married, and not counting Ikea, most everything we have are nice hand me downs from my in-laws. Our only major furniture purchases we have made are our bed,  couch, and the tables that we bought in France. I still love my couch after 17 years. We paid quite a bit for it, and it has held up really well and doesn't look dated. I'm picky with furniture, and it takes me a long time to get what I want because I want quality. I admire people that can find good thrift finds, I feel like I'm really bad at the hunting aspect of it. I think you can get  a lot of quality in thrift finds because way back when, they make furniture well.  We decided after researching how RH make their furniture, that we would take the plunge because the pieces are well made and I'm sure will last a long time.
We were going to get these closer to our anniversary date, but they were having a sale on these, so we decided to take advantage of the deal.  We feel that it is a fitting gift for our special day given our past with RH. My husband worked for them in our first year of being married. We have come full circle in a way. Both RH and us as a couple have aged well! We couldn't be happier with our purchase!


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the style and the fabric. What a wonderful anniversary gift! A lot of RH's furniture is made here in North Carolina, where I live, by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. I love their furniture and several pieces in our home. Enjoy... it's gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Julia! I heard that they were made in North Carolina, the furniture building capitol of America :) I think that is so great that we have good furniture builders in the US :)

  3. Elizabeth,

    The chairs are gorgeous. It is a wonderful gift for a special occasion. They do look French.
    This is the type of splurge that is so worth it.
    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Such a lovely (and comfy!) way to commemorate your anniversary. I was way off with my guess!

  5. happy anniversary in advance and your new chairs are gorgeous! they look elegant and comfortable. the longevity of things seems to correlate more to the people who use them, and like us, you guys seem to take care of your things.

    enjoy your weekend!

  6. On my last comment I da Español on my iPad as a writing preference, hence the bizarre spelling that was auto corrected. Now I am back to English. Your chairs are awesome and they go really well in your living room. I have noticed that RH has really upped their game and gone for their own unique look. I think your new chairs speak to your past in France and therefore are a perfect fit. Love the color you chose for them. Serene. Antique, but contemporary. Good purchase.