June 19, 2013

Us, Over 30 Years Together!

Want to take a trip down memory lane with me? We just celebrated our 30th anniversary yesterday, and it was a really, really nice day I must say. Aside from both of my girls not being here to celebrate with us, it was a special day none the less. We skyped with Nicole, Caitlin and Cyrous in the morning, and it made us happy to see that they had arrived in London safe and sound. Caitlin and Cyrous will be visiting with Nicole for two weeks. We later celebrated with a nice dinner in the city here. In this post, I wanted to document a few photos of us throughout the 30 years together. I chose most of them pre- children. The one above was taken by me with a tripod in the sand. It was our first summer together after meeting earlier in the spring. It was such a delightful time in our lives, with picnics at the beach, and just  spending everyday together getting to know one another. With us, it has always been effortless. From our first date it was as if we had known each other forever, and conversation was always so easy.  We never had one of those kind of relationships were we broke up, or got so angry with one another that we didn't speak to one another for days. We always worked things out quickly and moved on and learned more about each other. Good times that summer for sure!
Leaping up to 1983, this is of David graduating with his undergraduate degree, and a week before our wedding!
This picture just makes me laugh! It is rehearsal for the wedding, and we look like we are in trouble or something!
I love this candid shot outside of the church. The girl on the left was my roommate, and the two holding my train are my high school friend and my sister. My sister is the one farthest and in shadow.
Gotta love how the photographer thought this would be a cute idea!! My brother is the one wiping David's brow, and the guy in front of him is David's brother. The other two are old childhood friends. 
Aw, look at the happy couple ! Was not happy with the miss America bouquet that the florists put together, after I had left specific instructions on how I wanted it to look like. 
The whole gang! Do you like my eighties bridesmaid dresses? 
In this photo, I'm just a few weeks pregnant with Nicole, and I also decided to chop my hair off into this 80's haircut.  This was taken in November 1984. I think I look a lot like my aunt in this photo. 
Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.
Me at my graduation, hugely pregnant with Nicole!
One more 80's photo. We were going to David's 10 year high school reunion, June 1987.
Here we are present day :)  Both of us feel like the 30 years have flown by, and our love story has many layers and memories to it now. A very nice patina you would say. I truly found my prince and I couldn't have asked for a better life with this wonderful, kind amazing man! There really aren't enough adjectives for him in my book. Always such a positive person, that has carried us through life's many trials. I don't think I would be the person I am today had I not had him by my side. I feel quite blessed and happy, and it is a rare thing that you find your life companion so young, but I did! 
Before Caitlin embarked on her trip to London on Monday, she told us at the airport to go in her room to retrieve our anniversary gift. When I unwrapped it, I cried and Dave was visibly emotional as well. This sweet little illustration of us is so beautiful! I wish you could really see all the detail in it. I think she really captured her parents on their wedding day. We LOVE it Caitlin!!! Thank you so much sweetie. If you would like a special portrait like this to give as a gift, here is a link to Caitlin's Etsy shop.
Did I also tell you that David is the best gift giver EVER!!! Look what this adorable man surprised me with!!! It is the Lucida cut diamond solitaire that matches the Lucida band he gifted to me on our 20th anniversary! It is so beautiful.....  It truly was a splendid day.

Tomorrow is David's birthday, so there is another celebration to be had. If you are a long time reader, you will remember that June swallows me up whole every year, in its summer beauty and many celebrations, from Fathers's Day to many family birthdays and our anniversary.
After tomorrow I get to take a deep breath and start being a bit more productive with the shop and life in general!  Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane and a peek into the family album.


  1. Loved this post and seeing the two of you through the years. I had a bridesmaid dress very much like your bridesmaids and a "picture" hat to go with it.


  2. I wish more young people could hear about the "good marriages". It seems, these days, that I only hear about the ones that don't work. I am on my 25th year with my husband, and we, too, get along like best friends. I must say that seeing your photos makes me long for the days when we where young ... It was so much fun - carefree fun.

  3. @Carolina, I wish young people did hear the good stories too, but there seems to be this real push to not follow your heart, and go for more of a material kind of life. While getting married real young can have its challenges, I don't think they are insurmountable.

    I too long for those younger days as well! We had so much fun and it truly was more carefree then wasn't it?! Although we are still having lots of fun :)

  4. Happy anniversary to you both. Love the pictures. Looking back is all about the hairstyles, don't you think?

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful milestone!

    What a great story.


  6. What a wonderful post!!!! Loved all the pictures from the past. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Awww Happy Anniversary to the both of you! I loved all of your photos from the past thirty years. You two make a wonderful, happy couple!

  8. Lovely post, nice to see you through the years :)

  9. Happy 30th and wishing you many more. Love seeing your wedding photos (my wedding dress also had me covered just about from head to toe) and images of you two over the years. You both still look great and agree it's so nice to hear about a happy marriage. Enjoy your weekend!