June 22, 2013

Birthday Boy

So it was this guys birthday on the 20th. Wasn't he the cutest little boy! He decided that it would be fun to go out to Marin county to visit "The Cowgirl Creamery." It is a beautiful drive out there, and along the way this is what we saw and did...............

 Tomales bay oysters

 Point Reyes Station 

 Heading back over the Richmond bridge to eat some more things!
 We are such frequent diners at Doña Tomas that they gifted us this beautiful appetizer of scallops. So yummy and fresh for the summer.
 He was super happy that they had his favorite dessert, tres leches cake.
It was a beautiful day weather wise and it was so nice to be able to relax and take a nice drive and enjoy the day with the birthday boy!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday! The scallop appetizer looks amazing as does the dessert! Happy birthday to your husband!

  2. It looks like he had a great birthday. I love little day trips. And, that tres leches cake! Yum!