June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday June Bug

Today is Nicole's 28th birthday! A special one, because it is her "Golden Birthday," and she was also born on a friday just like today! I sure wish I could spend the day with you sweetie, but......
At least your baby sister is there for your special day!

I got to hang out with the kids via Skype yesterday, and it was a lot of fun seeing them all together having a good time! Isn't Skype THE BEST?!  I really felt as if I was there with them :)

However the day unfolds today for you Nicole, Dad and I will be there in spirit! We love you and we will raise a glass to you today!


  1. Happy Birthday to Nicole! Such cute photos...

  2. Happy Birthday Nicole! Elizabeth, Megan turned 28 yesterday. We have SO much in common!

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!


  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! She also shares a birthday with my mom!

  5. Nicole looks very beautiful. I agree with you Skype is really the best.

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