July 1, 2013

How Is It July Already?!

 We went from a cloudy skies in the last few days of June, to sweltering heat this week! As I type this, the current temperature in my town is about 102 :( I don't do well in this heat, and all the plans I had to get some sewing done has been thrown out the window, because of my sewing room being the one of the hottest rooms in our house! For some reason the heat beats on that part of the house, and even with the AC it is not comfortable to be back there.
 So my lovely lady Bernina waits patiently for me. Hopefully by the end of the week the heat wave will break. I'm 3/4 done with a really cute baby top, but just can't get myself back there to finish it. Did I mention a few weeks ago that one of my little Red Riding hood capes in the shop sold to someone at Parents Magazine in NYC? They wanted it sent ASAP through Fed Ex. My guess it that they are putting together the Christmas pages perhaps? Anticipating that this might happen, I went to my favorite fabric store and bought some more wool to make up some more capes to have them in the shop in the fall or maybe sooner. I hope my guess is right, but even if it isn't I want to have some of these made up and ready to go for the Christmas season. Hard to think about cutting wool out right now, but I don't want to be behind this season!  The following pictures are screen shots of the girls and their guys in London at Nicole's place.
 Sisters :)
These shirts are a running joke at our house because of this video. My sister had the idea to buy these shirts from here. I bought everyone a Mr. Trololo shirt and I told the kids that I wanted to see them via Skype wearing them and dancing to this video.
They did it bless their hearts! This made my day :) One day all of us will be togethe,r and we can have one giant Trololo party perhaps.

Caitlin and Cyrous arrived home today, and I'm happy they are home safe and sound, but Nicole and Kayvan miss them already.  Very soon though we will be going to visit Nicole and we can start the party over again with our shirts :)

Thought I'd wish everyone a happy 4th of July, just in case I don't make it back on and died of heat exhaustion over here, hahahah!


  1. Just the opposite here. June was, for the most part, more like April--cool and wet. Today's high is supposed to be low 70s. Keep cool and happy 4th.


    1. Thanks Bonnie! Hope you had a happy 4th!

  2. I am not sure which to congratulate you on first - the red cape going to Parents Magazine or the awesomeness of both your girls! Both girls look FANTASTIC. It is so fun to see them being silly on Skype. They are lucky to have gotten to spend time together, I am sure they both needed that. London is almost here for your turn to get your fill of Nicole ... she looks super healthy and happy. London is doing her well. As far as the heat goes, Elizabeth, Parent Magazine is gearing up for cold weather and that means people are going to want your capes! Get cracking! I know that when the weather is really hot I, too, get very sluggish, but I know how good you will feel to get those capes into your shop. You do such amazing work, Elizabeth. I think you should use any leftover scraps from cape making to create Christmas Cape ornaments. Knowing you, they would be absolutely adorable! Good luck with the hot weather - get cracking!

    1. It really was so much fun to see my two girls together again, at least via skype. They had a lot of fun, and were sad to see the time slip away so fast. We can't wait to visit with her in October :)

      I'm pretty excited to be making up some read capes soon, since they are really fun to make and I hope to sell some during the holiday season. The heat wave has now broken and I can commence in cutting them out without passing out in that room!
      Hope you are continuing with your painting and having fun doing it! Give us an up date :)

  3. Take it slow with the heat!

    Well, I'm sure those at the magazine will be very impressed with your cape!


    1. Thanks Melinda, I hope they liked it enough to feature it in their magazine for a little bit of advertising :)