July 5, 2013

Low Key Fourth of July

It was a hot, hot lazy 4th of July this year! We kinda just hung out at home and did nothing, which was very nice. Caitlin requested my potato salad, and that is about the only big effort I made yesterday. I also tried something different with the corn that was in the new Fine Cooking magazine. It had a creme fraiche and tarragon sauce on it. I usually make a pie for dessert but with this horrible heat we have had for a week now, it just zapped me from wanting to bake anything! I cut out some watermelon with some star cookie cutters, and later we had smores, and that was pretty much our dessert. We drove to the neighboring town to watch fireworks and it finally started to somewhat cool down. We sat under a big tree, and all of us commented on how fast time has passed, because it truly felt as if we were just in the same spot not long ago.
Today it has finally cooled down to the mid eighties and this means no more AC and pacing around the house looking for water and feeling so energy drained. Hope the weather holds in this pattern for many more days so I can get started on more sewing! I sold the sweet little pink and white gingham, ruffled collared shirt on Wednesday. This always gets me motivated to start filling the shop with more items.
Hope everyone had a fun 4th!


  1. We had a very rainy fourth with local flooding... Our basement is taking on water! Brewier grilled hamburgers under the porte cochere, and Megan made watermelon stars for dessert:) I sat with my legs elevated and watched Fringe, guilt free. It was a low key, but nice day.

  2. Low key is the best way to go. Love the watermelon stars.