August 26, 2013

End of Summer Random Post

 I haven't made a pie since Thanksgiving, because I've been trying to be a good girl, but since we had company on Friday, I thought I'd bake this yummy peach, vanilla, cardamom pie. We dug into that pie so quickly that I never took a picture of it in all its golden beauty. I thought I'd show you how cute one of the Williams Sonoma pie stamps I got a while back that I used. In the pack were also a bee, and a flower. Love those little stamps.
 Back to the Y to burn off that pie! Most of my summer has started out by going to the Y, then back home to sew and create. Not much real summer fun, but I was just thinking how it flew by and there was nothing real notable about it this year. Maybe because Caitlin left for two weeks to London, then moved right away when she came back. We didn't really do normal summer things that we have shared in the past. I'm not too sad about summer being gone, as my favorite season is right around the corner! I finished my sixth cape today, and I'm excited to start cutting something different tomorrow. I have a cute Liberty dress I'll be sewing up soon, as well as a cute shirt, so stay tuned.
Caitlin started University today! I'm excited for her as she had to take a gap year due to California state budget issues. She is now on the home stretch and I'm sure she is happy to be so close to finishing her degree.
There will be more interesting photos than the above, I promise. Working in the studio and going to the gym, aren't really that picturesque! I'm ready for chilly air and sweaters, pumpkin treats and all things fall, how about you?


  1. Bring on the Fall, I say!
    Especially in the last two
    weeks summer has been playing
    catch-up with the temps in the
    high 90's.


    1. We get a lot of up and down over here before we get the chilly fall weather. I really want fall to arrive quickly though that is for sure!

  2. You KNOW how I am feeling about the summer's end...I think my problem with it is that September means "change". Our Em is off to university next week. We're busy getting together all the stuff she needs. The school is only 2 hours away, so I'm not fretting too much about things. The girls and I are at the cottage for a couple nights...squeezing the last bits in. The temps have been hot and hazy, tomorrow we will enjoy the lake! Keep sewing friend, your capes are going to be a hit! xoxo

    1. At least Em is not too far away, and is within driving distance :) Have fun at the cottage!

  3. I love the pie stamp! And the pie looks delicious! I am so ready for fall, and chilly air, and pumpkins, and all of the other wonderful things that come with fall!