September 14, 2013

Love the Beginning of September

Don't you just love the freshness of a new season coming? Not just fall, which is my favorite, but every season? It's always about color for me when each season starts knocking at my door. Last September for me I kept seeing a lot of purples and greens with hints of gold, in nature as well as in fashion. This September I see orange, mustard yellows and teal colors, much like the little Liberty top I just finished. I really love the colors in this top, and realized that a lot of what I will be sewing up for this season have these colors in them.
The pears were given to us by Cryous' family and are so delicious. It really makes me want to bake something with them as well as enjoying them as they are. Aren't they a beautiful color?

The last pictures are a dedication to the wildlife that lives near us. Don't these wild turkeys know that November is looming? Someone needs to tell them to lay low for a few months, and not be out in plain sight! The other little critter that is giving us a devil of a time are those masked bandits! Raccoons have been digging up our lawn looking for grubs. I think it has been so dry up in the hills near us, that there isn't any food for them, because we have never had this problem before. I'm looking up safe and non toxic solutions to deter them. Any tips would be welcome. I have heard about the wolf urine, and hot sauce sprinkled on the lawn. I might try the hot sauce. I would love to see them in action and then come across the hot sauce, wouldn't you?!
We are going out for a lovely dinner with friends tonight and I'm looking forward to the company and the margarita!    Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Autumn is my very favorite season, and today I woke up to the smell of it in the air, cooler temperatures and low humidity. I've been ecstatic all day. Why am I not surprised we read the same magazines :) Oliver loves and is freaked out at the same time, by the spider cake.

  2. I love Autumn and the light at this time of year is so beautiful.!

    I have used hot sauce and eggs mixed together to keep away squirrels which works for awhile until it rains:)
    Good luck.

    1. They are still giving us a bit if trouble and I'm about ready to try the hot sauce!

  3. America does fall so much better than here and U do miss it. a treat for all the senses. a package of goods from Williams of Sonoma via my sister in Napa is a s close as I'm going to get.