September 19, 2013

Little Fur Vest

I love when things turn out like you imagined them in your minds eye, don't you? Both the little Liberty top and this vest have been in my head for several weeks now. When I scored this little Liberty remnant at one of my favorite boutique fabric stores, I knew I wanted to use it for this top. I had envisioned little wooden buttons though, but I only had three in my stash. I found much better ones, and now the top is perfect I think. For the little vest, I kept thinking I wanted to put leather ties, but when I realized I had this chocolate velvet ribbon, it just came together so much cuter I think. I love this faux fur! It really has a luxe feel to it, nice weight and softness. I do hope it goes to a good home.

Now I sit here on a beautiful fall afternoon, deciding  if I want to start a Liberty dress, or some corduroy pants that would actually look really cute with both pieces above. Sometimes I just have way too many ideas, and can't settle on that one project. I have to sometimes look through some magazines and Pinterest to spark my next move. I don't know about you, but I find Pinterest so inspiring. All I have to do is scroll through it a few times and all the beautiful images help my brain to calm down and get excited all at the same time. I'm leaning towards knocking out those little pants, then starting the dress. The pants are the same design as the summer ones I made with the blue dotted Swiss fabric. I love the shape of them, and I think they are going to look real cute with the wide wale corduroy I bought.

Today it is quite warm here, but still feels more like fall than summer, so even though it is upper 80's today, I'm making soup for dinner, just to be defiant!

My trip to London is coming up soon, and I can't wait to see Nicole, it has been two years and a few months since I last saw her! Even though it will only be a week, we will have lots of fun catching up and seeing a few things. Top of the list for me would be to see The Victoria Albert Museum, that I missed seeing last time I was in London, and of course the Liberty of London store! I think that is where most of my money will end up. I'm sure Nicole has other fun places to show us as well, I can't wait!

Well guys, I'm off to do some fabric cutting. What are your fall projects, I love to hear what others are going. Food, crafts, sewing....tell me :)

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