November 6, 2013

London Part 2

When you visit London as a tourist you see all the sights that are most iconic, like Big Ben, Kensington Palace, etc. We saw all of these sites back in 2002, when we spent some time in London sorting our our visa to live in France. This time visiting London, we saw it through the eyes of someone who lives there. On this trip we covered many neighborhoods that a tourist would never see really, unless they got completely lost! Nicole took us to some really neat areas of London and like I mentioned in my last post, we walked and walked. I carried my super heavy camera along with my iphone. I tried to capture as many shots as I could to remember some of these neighborhoods. The buildings in the upper photos, are from an area that is where all the solicitors are. We even saw a wig shop for the lawyers! Because they still wear those white powdered wigs to court! We were in this area because there was a super cool museum that we toured. No pictures were allowed, so sadly I don't have any shots of the place. We wandered around the neighborhood and had lunch at a pub. The picture of Nicole with her friend is quite funny, because she had to meet us in this location to pick up the house keys from Nicole. We distracted Nicole a couple of times and her poor friend had to catch several forms of transportation to find us. Sadly this happened three times.
We had the opportunity to have dinner at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen. Really fun vibe and casual dining. Hard to snap photos since it was quite dimly lit. Nicole's friend joined us for dinner.
The night we had dinner at Jamie's it was Halloween. Halloween is not as big in England as it is in the States. We barely saw signs of it, but decided that the best place to see any kind of craziness would be in a neighbor hood near Nicole called Camden. Camden is where all the punk people hang out. I'm going to try and upload some photos from my phone that I took on that evening, and hopefully I can steal some from Nicole's flikr.

To be continued........


  1. You're right, there's so much to London that the occasional visitor (myself included) just doesn't get to experience. Sounds like you packed lots in with your girlie's guidance. Looking forward to reading part 3!

  2. Oh how I am enjoying all your photos of London! Such gorgeous architecture! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Usually, because of your gorgeous foodie posts, I am quite jealous of your life. And I must add that Fifteen is one of those places I have known about forever and would love to see. But in this post it is not your life that I pine for, but rather Nicole's. She looks beautiful and so full of life! I spent time in England in my early twenties and would love to go back there and relive it all. I am quite envious of her life

  4. I love seeing all of your London photos! Jamie Oliver's restaurant looks amazing!