November 7, 2013

London Part 3

 I was going to steal some photos from Nicole's flikr of our Halloween fun in Camden, but instead I will give you the link to her blog, as she did a post of that evening and you can see the funny pictures over there. Here is the link
If you are a long time reader you know that I shop at Whole Foods pretty much everyday, so I just had to visit the biggest Whole Foods in the world right? We had a really nice lunch there and then spent a lot of time looking around and comparing this store to the ones in the US. It was indeed quite large, and had a lot of really nice features to it, like independent restaurants in the food area, which included a nice place for Nicole to choose a gluten free lunch option. I was also very impressed with their customer service.  I had left a purchase there and didn't realize it until I had gotten back to the B&B. I sent them an e-mail with my contact number etc. The very next day someone did call my phone and gave me options to either send it or credit my card. Luckily we were able to come back before we headed out to the airport, but I had to comment on how nice and helpful they were! Enjoy the photos of Whole Foods Kensington.

Nicole's gluten free lunch. Very tasty!!!
 Last time I went to London back in 2002, I missed out on going to the V&A museum. This time we had a bit more time to check it out. I really only wanted to see the clothing, and the British artists that were part of the Arts and Crafts movement, such as William Morris.

 The photo above and below are William Morris designs. All you Liberty of London fans will recognize the photo below!
 It's called "The Strawberry Thief." I bought a meter of it :)
Tomorrow I will rap things up with a few shots of the interior of our B&B and some of the goodies I brought back as souvenirs, so check back tomorrow if you aren't already bored of my London trip!


  1. I also love Whole Foods! This one looks really awesome. And you look wonderful! Are you sure you just celebrated your 51st birthday? You look like you are maybe thirty-something!

    1. Aw thanks Julia! My daughters like to call me a vampire hahaha. Genetics I suppose :)