December 27, 2013

Celebrations, and Merry Making

We kicked off the celebrations with Cryous' birthday last Saturday with his parents. Cyrous is a graduate student in Math, and was busy on his actual birthday, so we decided to get together on once he was finished with finals. We met Cyrous when he was turning 21, and it is a bit surreal that he is already 26! Where exactly has the time gone.
For Christmas eve, I decided this year to not do our crab dinner and instead do a quasi Swedish dinner, with meat balls and a wonderful red cabbage side dish. It turned out pretty good and was a nice change I think. We attended Christmas mass, and the music at the service was so beautiful, and they decorated the church so beautifully. Of course we were all a bit bleary eyed once the service was over, and tucked into bed as soon as we got home. Didn't want Santa to catch us up still :)
We were all spoiled with wonderful gifts and also the gift of being with each other. We got to skype with Nicole when we woke up, and she was having a lovely time with a friends family in southern England on the coast. She had some beautiful photos of the village she was visiting. Hopefully she will do a blog post on it.
I sincerely hope everyone had as lovely a Christmas as we did, and If I get my act together, I will do a recap of the year post. For now I hope you enjoy my holiday photos!

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  1. Your Christmas photos are lovely! The swedish meatballs look delicious! Your daughter looks so much like you. She is very pretty!