January 21, 2014

Sunny January

That top photo pretty much sums up how January has been here in my neck of the woods. Usually we have our fake out spring in the first two weeks of February, but this January has been pretty much spring weather here because of a high pressure system......hahaha, I'm actually talking about the weather on my blog like an old person! It's just that when the weather is like this, who wants to be in the house working on anything?! Which is probably the reason things came to a halt a bit. I have however, been really thinking and looking at ideas for boy clothing. I remember once when I worked in a children's boutique clothing store, all I ever heard was that there just wasn't any cute boy clothing out there. I still struggle with ideas having never had boys, but I decided to go the vintage route along with classic look. You won't see any baseballs or trucks on my clothing, only beautiful fabrics with little surprise touches. If I had a little boy I would love to dress him more in a European way and I hope to incorporate a little of that in my boy clothing, along with a bit of vintage.  I'm starting this week on a few items, and they will mostly be spring/summer. I'm kinda over the winter clothing right now, and I think most people are looking ahead as well.  I have many darling ideas for girls as always so those will happen after I get the boy clothing off to a good start.  The fabrics above are the ones that I went shopping for this past weekend, minus the Alice and Wonderland fabric of course! To the right are all the linens I bought, and on the left are shirting fabric, and I also found this darling lobster seersucker. I want to do something totally unexpected with the lobsters.  I also have other beautiful shirting fabric in my stash so expect lots of nice little boy shirts in the shop with those.

Well, I'm off to do some work!


  1. You can do it, Elizabeth! Those fabrics are perfect. If anyone can come up with cute boy clothing without the typical truck icons, it is you. I am looking forward to seeing how you bring in the "vintage" for boys!

    1. I hope so, because like I said, having never had a boy I don't really know for sure what would work. I'm purely going on what I have heard from mom's with boys.

  2. Baby boys are fun to sew for too. Little rompers and shorts and tops will be nice. Ties are accessories are fun too.
    It's when they start to grow up that it becomes more challenging at least for me. And, even though I have a boy (8 yrs.) I still enjoy sewing for girls much better. I admire that you are giving it a go.

  3. The lobster seersucker fabric is so awesome! My daughter had a sundress out of that fabric a few years ago handmade by a lady in Charleston, SC.