January 8, 2014

First Post of 2014!

Hello! Happy 2014 to all that follow me here and new visitors.  I'm still getting my house back together after the festivities, and the above photo shows you the state of my living room right now! After I type up this post I must start packing all those ornaments up! Reason for my tardiness in putting Christmas away, were a couple of special orders that I had right after New Years day. The little dress above is one of them and is from a vintage pattern made with Liberty fabric. It took longer than I thought it would, mainly because the entire thing is lined with cotton batiste! I had to rework the construction of the whole thing to make it work. I love that fabric, and may try and get some more of it soon. I also completed a little jacket as well.
The house took a back seat, and boy does it look like a tornado in here right now! I don't know where to begin actually....piles of laundry and and general deep cleaning must be done.
I sure hope everyone started off their new year well, I sure did. We spent New Years with family friends, then did our usual on New Years day, by going to brunch and choosing calendars at a local book shop that sells them 3 for 10 dollars. Always fun to see what they have every year. Just like everyone else I ask myself every January, what this year will bring. I sometimes over think it, and hope that nothing horrible happens. By February I have all but forgotten about dwelling on it and move on, but really, what is it about the start of the new year? Caitlin made me feel better by thinking about it the way she does. She looked at me when I was going on about it and said, "Mom, it's just the next month!" Very true!   Which then led me to think about how in my head I view the months. Have you ever done this? I see the calendar year as an ellipse, with January on one end, August at the other end. Caitlin sees it as one long line. Tell me, how do you see it in your minds eye, I'm curious.

I have been getting some people asking me for baby boy clothes recently, and it really has me wondering what to make. I find it hard to be as creative for little boy clothing, but I really want to push myself to come up with something that will be received well from moms with boys. Never having had a son, I don't know where to start.  I want to be able to make special things that you won't find at Gap or Target for instance. I'm really going to push myself to put more boy items in, so that is one of my challenges this year, as well as baby gift ideas, perhaps non clothing. Hope to share those ideas soon.

Ok, I'm off now to put all those ornaments back in their tiny beds for the year...... ugh!!!!   Oh, I almost forgot.....with my Christmas money I bought a Jess Brown doll :) I really love her, and she looks quite darling in that chair, don't you think?


  1. I'm with Caitlin: It's just another month. Actually, it is my birthday month. I LOVE the Jess Brown doll and the sweet little dress. Boys are harder to dress. I used to purchase a few Florence Eisman's (not sure of the spelling) for my boys for special occasions.

    Happy new year!


    1. My daughter was once given two Florence Eisman dresses, and they were already hand me downs. They looked brand new. I think I still have them. I was think along those lines for boys to, like classic seersucker and linen.

  2. I love your Jess Brown doll. And that baby girl dress is darling. Your are so talented and creative! Happy New Year to you! Oh, and yes, it's just another month!

  3. Your doll looks like it was made for it's
    new home.
    Good luck with the packing up!

    My year moves in segments -wth school and breaks plus summer vacay
    so I plan my year around these.

    M :)

  4. Hi there! Little boys are easier to dress, but harder for us creative people to design for. I always opted for retro, with a classic feel. Try starting with some pants and matching vests, using soft denim, corduroy and wools, line the pants with fun flannels for comfort, and it shows when they are rolled up at the hem - super cute!! Look for vintagy prints to make little shirts. I like sailboats, cowboys & Indians, etc. Try estate sales for vintage fabrics, and sewing supplies!

    1. Very true Heather. I always like the cute vintage things for boys. I have a few cool sunsuit patterns that I will be making in linen and doing some embroidery on it perhaps. I was also thinking about little shirts to go with shorts. I have made unisex lined pants before, but they seem to not sell as much. I may change the look of them though. The ones that I have now are more European in look. I may go seek out some vintage fabrics at the Alameda flea market. I love vintage cowboys and indians too and nautical! I also love little farm animals and storybook looks. I think I may finally have a starting point! Thanks for the brain spark!