February 19, 2014

Blooms and Naked Branches

Well, we got some rain, but not nearly enough for our parched state! I know most of you are wistfully waiting for spring to arrive because of brutal snow storms and other severe conditions, so sorry if this is annoying to you. Here, as you can see by the photos above, it is sunny again, and when I went out side a few of my bushes are blooming, including some of the near by cherry trees! It also smelled like early spring. I love spring, but we never had winter, and so I'm not as happy as most of you would be in this case. Besides the weather aspect of it, the time just keeps passing much too quickly. The other night I saw a commercial for Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs! I was kinda like....whaaaat!!!!   I went for a walk down town and saw all the Easter stuff in shops already, and it sunk in that retail seasons wait for no one!
We all got new iphones this weekend. Kinda like a Valentine gift for all of us. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my Valentine flowers and Chocolates I received. My flowers didn't get delivered until nightfall, but they were welcomed none the less. This year we did a low key dinner, and went to our favorite Mexican place.  I sure hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day with the one that they love or surrounded by friends. I love the day not because of the commercial aspect of it, but a day to stop and think about love and people in your lives that are special to you.
Back to the iphones. The picture above shows the evolution of my cell phones that I have owned. The pink Razor phone is actually Caitlin's, mine is hiding somewhere, but I have one like it only in black. The tiny samsung cell to the far left was the phone that I had when I lived in France! I loved that little phone, but it wasn't my very, very first one. That one too is hiding somewhere in a box, but it was big and had an antenna that you pulled out. I think it was a Nokia, I'm not sure, but whoa, look how far they have come!   I'm really excited to try out the camera the most, and it is so nice that Instagram actually works on this phone! My last one was a 3Gs, and apps were running slow or not at all.

I have completed the vintage sunsuit, and you can see it in the shop. I'm going to cut out another boy romper of the above fabric. It is a really nice lighter weight gingham linen. Then I think I might do some dresses after that. I'm itching to cut into some Liberty!
Well, just thought I'd pop in and say hi to blogland and not be gone for too long.
Back to work I go!

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